Google Pixel 5a "barbet" doesn't update past 1.17

I flashed /e/os on 2 google pixel 5a “barbet” phones. I forget the version when I flashed them, probably 1.14 or so. Now they wont’ update past 1.7. Current version is 1.17-s-20231111351092-dev-barbet Android 12 November 11, 2023 Last checked for update March 1.
What does it take to get it updated?

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My understanding is that since it is a dev only device (not stable since that model is not sold by murena), then major version changes only get installed by using adb sideload in the recovery. OTA is only for stable devices? I may be wrong, but I had understood this from other posts.

I was able to OTA the last 3 or so updates.

For your you are now having to contemplate a manual Upgrade S → T. I cannot give any direct advice but you situation seems very close to the reply I just wrote here.

The install instructions are unclear on how to upgrade from S >T . Is there a better writeup on the steps needed for an upgrade?