Google Pixel 5a, please!

I see LineageOS now supports the Pixel 5a - does this mean there’s hope that there will be an official, supported /e/OS build soon? I think this would be a good phone to support to encourage use of /e/ in the US.

I’ve been using /e/ on a Nexus 6P for over a year now with generally good results (although VoLTE still doesn’t work). That phone is starting to show its age (the USB connector still works for charging, but apparently not for data transfers).

I’ve installed /e/ on a Moto g7 (and VoLTE even works). That phone was purchased as “refurbished” and apparently has intermittent hardware problems: lockups, spontaneous reboots, and boot failures. This happened on the stock ROM before unlocking the bootloader, I was hoping it was a software issue and /e/ would fix it, but apparently not.

Because I need a reliable phone, I now have a Pixel 5a on the way. These are highly rated in reviews, with good features for the price ($50 off right now), and no difficulties or barriers to unlocking the bootloader and reflashing, unlike some other manufacturers (looking at you, Moto).

I’ll sigh deeply and use Google’s Android for now, but I’d really, really like to move this phone to /e/ as soon as possible. “Possible” means a stable build with working VoLTE, on T-Mobile in the US.


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Who knows how long before the P5a will be eOS supported, but the P5 is coming before the end of the year, all being well. So bearing in mind the onwards and upwards trajectory of e it might not be long before this device is supported too.

In the interim why not try CalyxOS? It’s privacy orientated, comes with microg and is easy to install. Bootloader can be locked afterwards as well. I’ve got it on a P5 (until I can install e) and can highly recommend it.

Why not give LineageOS for MicroG a try until /e/ is available? It’s what /e/OS is built on, and has pretty much all the functionality you need, with F-Droid and Aurora Store built in.

Android 11 / LOS 18.1 builds are available here

Thanks, I’ll check out both of those options. I haven’t done a good job of keeping up with all of the alternative Android derivatives - it seems there’s a lot going on.

Once you use los4mg you never come back to /e/, sorry
If you smell the freedom

Used it a few times. Always prefer e. :grinning:

Plain wrong in my case I’m afraid :slight_smile: I’ve tried both and I’ve stuck with /e/. But los4microg is a fine alternative when there is no /e/ build available for a device.


Freedom ? gg’s one, for sure…

What can’t you do with /e/ ?

“gg’s one…” Sorry, don’t get “gg”. An abbreviation for something?

Me too. I just bought two Pixel 5a’s for my kids at a sale price and want to flash e-proj on them but was very shocked to see it is the only pixel yet unsupported.
I will check if Graphene OS supports pixel 5a, but I have been a long time fan of e-proj.

Can we get notified when this becomes available? Thanks.

There was a fresh page added to the forum just yesterday: Documentation Suggestions - Pixel 5a. So it looks like it’s coming very soon!

You could try CalyxOS while you’re waiting; comes with microg.

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I tried grapheneOS but had an extremely shady suspicious ecperience with them and then was kicked from their chat room and accused of “spreading misinformation” 0_o

Why can I trust Calyx OS?

I ended up flashing lineageOS but without MicroG and very terrible experience without MicroG T_T

That is not an uncommon experience sadly; more than that I am not prepared to say.

Whilst it is only natural for us all to make comparisons between phone operating systems it is perhaps best not to have those sort of conversations on the respective forums for the operators of those os’s. Things get touchy very quickly!

I have tried graphene on my P5 though, and I would trust them, but I didn’t “like” the os and missed the more easily obtained microg in eOS and CalyxOS. I trust all of these operating systems and am a big fan of e & calyx. I still use e for testing and interest but calyx has been my daily for exactly one year now; currently running on a Oneplus 9. They have a similarly friendly support network on Telegram to the one here.

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Why trust CalyxOS? Have a look at About The Calyx Institute.

I’ve been using it on my Pixel 5a for about six months now, it seems to work fine.

/e/ is still way out ahead with support on a variety of phones. It’s great for phones that still work fine but no longer receive security updates from the manufacturer.

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The publication of this page Google - Pixel 5a - barbet - Documentation Suggestions might indicate that /e/ is not too far off !

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