Google Worspace (chat & mail) or Workaround


I have a problem that has obviously already been mentioned here and here (for people who speak French) but I need clarification or a workaround.

I work in a company that uses Google Workspaces and I’d like to be able to access emails and internal chat on my phone’s business profile. ( no need for document or calendar sharing)

I’ve installed the Shelter FDroid application and set up Google Chat and Gmail in the professional profile.
And I seem to have succeeded in connecting my google account, it appears in the settings of the Gmail application.

However, I can’t access my mails ( loading current messages … ) and same thing for Chat, the account would appear but I get a “No connection” message.

Has anyone managed to access their Google Professional account on /e/OS? Do you have a workaround?

Is the problem still the Google Workspaces security setting? Does disabling it work?
Are official Google applications affected by the oauth change?

Thx for your help.

PS: I use a FairPhone 5.