Problems adding microG Google Cloud account

Hi all.

Just installed /e 1.19.1 on a Pixel 5 and am having problems adding a work Google Cloud account via microG (needed for work email etc.)

  • The sign in process accepts the password and I agree to the ToS, and then get returned to the home screen.
  • I accept the “Gmail want to access to your account” prompt.

But the account doesn’t seem to work.

  • Gmail hangs at “Getting your messages…”
  • If I access the microG account settings, in “Account Sync” it says “Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly.”
  • If I click any other settings (e.g. “Sign-in & security”) a white screen flashes up then disappears again.

Any advice much appreciated. If you need logs, I’ll happily add them, but couldn’t easily see where I find them.

Many thanks.

Others may have more advice but I am planning on doing what you are, namely to have access to gmail work account on my Google-less phone :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be to NOT use the gmail app. Set up your account in the default email app. Use google email but be free of all the nested layers of google service that are required to have the gmail app work correctly.

Yes that would be the choice that makes sense, hoping that gmails works on k9 mail app. Otherwise, connecting /e/os to a google account defeats the whole puprose of using an unperfect google free OS.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I actually already have things set up in the Mail App, but am missing some of the native Gmail features. I will also need to manage a YouTube channel via the app, so at least some contact with Google services is a dealbreaker for my workflow.

I had understood /e would support these accounts via microG fairly straightforwardly, but it’s starting to sound like that’s not the case?

Edit: I just tried adding another Google Account via microG (the one with the YouTube channel) and it works perfectly - the syncing works in Account Manager, and the YouTube and Gmail apps are behaving exactly as I’d hoped.

So why won’t it work with my work accounts?

Maybe the work account owner has set-up stricter safety parameters than on a personal account and it is checking the phone software/bootloader unlock. In that case, a custom ROM could be seen as a not up-to-date system or non-compliant system.
From my experience, it does happen with Microsoft work accounts which sometimes request additional safety check through microsoft intune app that checks the compliance of the device to the company policy. A system modification like a custom ROM would be seen as a non-compliance or as a risk for the company’s safety thus blocking account identification .

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Interesting thought. I’m an admin for the Google Workspace in question, which is newly set up, and has no specific policies in place.

Does anyone know if Google Workspace accounts are supported at all - or, if so, what settings need to be in place?

I seem to have resolved the problem! For future reference, here are some clarifications and the solution:


  • The issue was that I was using a Google Workspace (G-Suite) account (which I’d confused with a “Google Cloud” account.
  • I neglected to mention I’m the account Admin, so could change policy.


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Yes I do recall now that I also had a g-suite corporate account and the email and calendaring(?) were not working with /e/ or with lineage with microG. I had forgotten this until now, but I had to go to a lineage phone with “MindtheGapps” to get full play store functionality, and the account’s email and calendaring works on that phone. This phone also an unlocked bootloader but it still works, so that is not what is preventing it from functioning. I will see if I can find any microG bug reports about corporate g-suite accounts not working with with microG.

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