Gps doesn't work on FP3


Even if enabled, GPS doesn’t work anymore on Magic Earth.

My fp3 version :

e_FP3-user 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20221129.182930 dev-keys

I emptied cache, restarted several times, disabled Advance Privacy and set back my real localisation.

Others users reported issues with gps and fp3, but I don’t get what to do exactely.

I have to my pro Android smartphone with gmaps to use gps everyday.

Some screenshots :

What should I do ?

Thank you

Your second screenshot looks like this …

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Thank you for your answer.

I disabled fake location, but my FP3 cant find the real one on the map as on these screenshots (loading forever for the real one) :

I downloaded Osmand which tells me that I have 37 gb space disk left, and unknown gps position.

I struggle a lot to understand whats goin on, gps was working fine before.

There are some further pointers over here …

I switched off everything

And Advanced Privacy as well.

Magic Earth locates me 3 km away from where I’m living (in the sea), Osmand dont find my gps.

Visio rando (hiking app) locates me in the sea as well.

With the difference being these were settings to help locating you more quickly. Sorry, I didn’t realise it could be counter-intuitive with the switching things off and switching things on stuff in the context here.

You are now left with pure GPS capability. Even if GPS works, this might take a while to locate you depending on the circumstances, it still technically works as designed then.

I have the same problem since e OS 1.5 on my FP3 and FP3+. The only app that does not have a problem locating my Fairphone correctly is Here WeGo. Magic Earth is completely useless since 1.5.

Magic Earth right now locates me just fine on 1.6-s-20221201239247-dev-FP3 … [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

It seems to work better with HereWeGo as well, thank you for this tip.

@AnotherElk is GPS working for you on your fp3 ?

Oh thanks for that.

What does a reboot mean exactely ?

Is it like a switch off/on of the phone ?


However, similar to PCs there is a slight difference between a “warm” reboot (device doesn’t get switched off, just reboots) and a “cold” start after switching the device off.
Difference in behaviour with this has been observed e.g. with fixing network-related trouble (seen this myself, cold start is better for fixing) and with influencing launcher behaviour, interestingly, for instance here and here.

After reading in the thread “Naturalist (Ornithologist App) gets no location” that the localization issue could be related to the location module “Mozilla Location Service” and that good or better experiences have been made with “Local NLP Backend”, I installed “Local NLP Backend” and deactivated “Mozilla Location Service”. And in fact, the location works much better, almost as well as before. And if I understood correctly, there are apps that access this backend and others that only use GPS. That might explain why Here WeGo is more precise in location than MagicEarth and /e/OS.

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