GPS location is often wrong

I’ve seen many people complaining about the GPS location being wrong. My situation is a bit different and should help the devs to debug this. For the record, I am using an esolutions S9 with v1.3 and I don’t use advanced privacy.

The problem is: I moved to a new city about 2+ months ago, and often when I open a maps application (google maps PWA, Magic Earth, organic maps) it shows the GPS location for my old house. If I wait it will eventually find my correct location.

At first, I thought that the device must have a “default home” location that is used before the GPS gets a signal. I figured that if this were the case, the default value would be reset after a week, but 2+ months after my move, I still often get the GPS showing my old home.

Then I thought: Maybe they are using some kind of wifi triangulation, and it is using the old known address of my router before I moved. However, I really don’t think that /e/ uses wifi triangulation, and if they did, where are they getting their data from?

So, I am really at a loss. Any theories?

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What is unusual about your question is that you are suggesting different apps, google maps PWA, Magic Earth, organic maps are all getting the wrong answer.

Without going into the conversation too much did you try the app GPSTest.

If the device has a GPS hardware issue I can imagine the software coming up with a best “first guess” assuming “live data” will arrive soon. Mobile carrier triangulation is certainly a significant part of the equation, in one #gps thread a lack of fix was actually put down to the carrier: Location doesn't work later modified to: Fix to not working location

In my case GPSTest never gives better than an “amber” fix. In this case, with Magic Earth, I expect that the gps data is given a relatively low priority perhaps until verified. I think I always found the device comes good in 24 to 48 hours of active outside use, so this seems different from your question.

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You may try to change:

  • Wifi scanning in Location settings
  • Mozilla Location in MicroG settings
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