GPS location jumps back and forth

On my Pixel 7 and my wife’s OnePlus 7 T with /e/ OS T 1.17 Dev the GPS location on all apps except Magic Earth will be at the same location over 100 miles north and then jump to correct locatiom. This also happens in the Bliss weather widget. The map in Advanced Privacy Manage My Location will show location jumping back and forth as well. I did clean installs on both phones and still happens. I also installed GPSTool app and that showed correct location and didn’t jump to the one location over 100 miles north. Why would Magic Earth and GPSTool not have that problem but other apps do? Anyone else having this issue?

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So I figured out a workaround. If I leave GPSTool open in the background the GPS will keep the correct location and not change to an incorrect location. Why? I have no idea. Does anyone have an idea why this would be? The negative part to this workaround is that Location Services is constantly on and running.

Not all apps use GPS for first fix of location.

Network location is provided by microg and since June release v0.2.28.231657 Mozilla location services, MSL, has been the chosen provider.

The app MyLocation has a nice feature allowing you to pick up the current Network location and transfer it to Maps app to test how reliable it is … 100 miles wrong does not fit with my experience however. I typically have an error of 700 metres, other times 4 miles sometimes more.

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Thank you for the link. I installed MyLocation and the GPS shows correct current location. Very accurate. However, the Netwok location is showing the location 100 miles away as I mentioned previously that the Bliss weather widget shows and my weather app. Why is it so very different than GPS? Is there a way to fix it?

MLS is aware of shortcomings – if it is as simple as this, all you have to do is to find out why MLS is short of data in your region ! :smile:

GPS gets information from satellites the whole purpose of which is to reveal position.

MLS collects “secondary” data from beacons (or other) which may or may not reveal accurate information about where they are situated.

Since MLS may not be accurate then wouldn’t it be better to just use GPS for location? Or is there another Location Service more reliable than Mozilla? Is there a way to just use GPS on a phone since it’s much more accurate?

GPS is generally unavailable indoors and tends not to give an instant fix; loosely speaking Google phones can get a Network location, fast partially through it’s own “network” and various beacons.

MicroG has used different methods in the past.

You might try to research why MLS gets such a poor result for you. Is the 100 mile error just in your home area, do you see different in an urban area.

When my wife and I travel within 35 miles of our home both of our phones will jump to another location about 50 miles away and minutes later back to the correct location and then minutes later off by 50 miles. She travels within our city a lot for work and its really jumpy. As I said GPS is spot on but Network Location is what jumps around. Very difficult to use weather apps and Bliss weather widget when the location is so off from where it should be. How would I begin to research why MLS is so inaccuate in my area?

I am not fully aware of the functionality of this item (can anyone else chip in ?) … but in Settings > System > microG > Location … do you have both of the Remember from GPS toggled on ?

You might start by zooming right in to your location on Mozilla Map, while a lot of the world is well covered I notice that Canada for instance is less covered. If you are in a less covered area can you find out why.

No I do not have either of those toggled on. Should I?

I have both on (it would seem a natural default).

I tried toggling both on and that did not resolve the issue.
I also checked the Mozzilla Map and my exact location is not blue but most of the city area I live is. I live in the United States and the location that the MLS keeps going back and forth to is near Detriot, Michigan and I don’t even live in the state of Michigan.

Here are some links should you feel like spending more time. I feed MLS by using Tower Collector Github page

Tower Collector also feeds OpenCell iD. The effect on Mozilla is not as visible as it is on OpenCell iD where there is

If you take the trouble to create an API key you may have the satisfaction of seeing your contributions updating, or adding to, the map! … and collect your own copy of the database locally.

Previously I had unstable Network location … now seems improved (good enough but not quite accurate).

The May 2023 MicroG issue Idea for the new location stack #1944 is still open; quite how users could further help resolve this and other microG open location issues,, is still at the edge of my understanding.

It may be worth keeping it / them ON, however, in case a degree of “learning” by the phone plays a part.

I had the same issue, the location was jumping between two places. One 10 km from my real location, the other around 100 km. What I had success with was to set the following in the microG → Location settings: everything on (including “Remember from GPS”) except Wi-Fi location, Request from Mozilla. I turned that one off.

When I first tried microG 0.2.28 when it was released I also had the GPS jump thing. Since the initial testing I stayed with 0.2.27.

In the microG user group on Telegram it is often recommended to turn off the Mozilla stuff.
In your case that indeed does help.

Thank you for the advice but I tried this also and that did not resolve the issue.

Is there a way to go back to 0.27? If these problems are known then why is /e/ OS using 0.28?
If I turn off all the Mozilla Location settings then my weather apps can’t detect location and won’t work.

“This was a step necessary to take to get locations properly working on latest Android versions.”

“The goal is to merge the most important of those features into GmsCore. For now, the new locations stack is relying exclusively on Mozilla Location Service for network based location.”

Is there a webpage that shows when the merging will be complete so the locations stack is not relying exclusively on Mozilla Location Service?