GPS Not working

I am using an LG G5. GPS shows me as being a few feet away from where I actually am. When I try to do navigation in Magic Earth, it does not follow my location. I downloaded Here WeGo as an alternative navigation app and–while it can find my location (but still with the same issue of being a few feet off)–it gives me a “Waiting for GPS” message. I need navigation! Please help.

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could you pls have a look in the related posts. Could be that there is a solution fir your device

Because it must not be a device specific issue


Thanks. It does seem as though someone else has posted a similar issue, but the solution provided is far beyond my technical ability to implement. Any suggestions?

hey guys,
according to your description, I am facing the same issue. @steven.bernstein, How did you solve it?

@harvey186: I searched for GPS and LG G5 h850; Do you have anything particular in mind? I couldn’t find the “gps cleaner” app. Is it renamed i.e. “GPS reset com”?

thanks for your answers.

I personal don’t have had this issue. I only know from a user in telegram group. I think GPS Reset COM will be the right one. You can also try GPS fix.

I was never able to solve this issue.

Too Bad. So did you go back to stock rom or do you just live with it?
I tried it, but just can’t get used to it. If it’s sunny, it works just OK, however if there are clouds no exact location.
The strange thing is that Osmand tells me I have a signal of 12/24. But still I can’t get a extact position.
I tried the GPS fix app, but didn’t help much :frowning:
Anyone an idea? I love the ROM and would like to stay with it, but an OS without GPS is not worth using it. :frowning:

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I won’t go stock Android. I distrust Screwgle too much. I am wondering if it is an issue with this particular hardware. If so, I imagine a different phone running /e/ might be in order. Though, to be honest, I am holding out hope for the Emperion Nebulus so that I can move back to a Windows-based phone instead of settling for the lousy experience of Hemorrdroid.

It is a known issue with this phone, not e related. There are some potential fixes on YouTube. I did not have much luck with the fix. GPS is still spotty.

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Hi! Are you sure? With “normal” 8.0 Goolie-Android I didn’t have any problem with GPS. But here with /e/ still not correctly working. :frowning:

The 3 pins near the volume rocker have nothing to do with the GPS antenna!
For the actual GPS connectors and correct fix read this thread:
Cleaning the related contacts should be sufficient most of the time.

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Thank you for your answer!