GPS Not working

I am using an LG G5. GPS shows me as being a few feet away from where I actually am. When I try to do navigation in Magic Earth, it does not follow my location. I downloaded Here WeGo as an alternative navigation app and–while it can find my location (but still with the same issue of being a few feet off)–it gives me a “Waiting for GPS” message. I need navigation! Please help.

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could you pls have a look in the related posts. Could be that there is a solution fir your device

Because it must not be a device specific issue


Thanks. It does seem as though someone else has posted a similar issue, but the solution provided is far beyond my technical ability to implement. Any suggestions?

I personal don’t have had this issue. I only know from a user in telegram group. I think GPS Reset COM will be the right one. You can also try GPS fix.

I was never able to solve this issue.

I won’t go stock Android. I distrust Screwgle too much. I am wondering if it is an issue with this particular hardware. If so, I imagine a different phone running /e/ might be in order. Though, to be honest, I am holding out hope for the Emperion Nebulus so that I can move back to a Windows-based phone instead of settling for the lousy experience of Hemorrdroid.

It is a known issue with this phone, not e related. There are some potential fixes on YouTube. I did not have much luck with the fix. GPS is still spotty.

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Hi! Are you sure? With “normal” 8.0 Goolie-Android I didn’t have any problem with GPS. But here with /e/ still not correctly working. :frowning:

The 3 pins near the volume rocker have nothing to do with the GPS antenna!
For the actual GPS connectors and correct fix read this thread:
Cleaning the related contacts should be sufficient most of the time.

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Thank you for your answer!