GPS Not working

I am using an LG G5. GPS shows me as being a few feet away from where I actually am. When I try to do navigation in Magic Earth, it does not follow my location. I downloaded Here WeGo as an alternative navigation app and–while it can find my location (but still with the same issue of being a few feet off)–it gives me a “Waiting for GPS” message. I need navigation! Please help.

could you pls have a look in the related posts. Could be that there is a solution fir your device

Because it must not be a device specific issue


Thanks. It does seem as though someone else has posted a similar issue, but the solution provided is far beyond my technical ability to implement. Any suggestions?

hey guys,
according to your description, I am facing the same issue. @steven.bernstein, How did you solve it?

@harvey186: I searched for GPS and LG G5 h850; Do you have anything particular in mind? I couldn’t find the “gps cleaner” app. Is it renamed i.e. “GPS reset com”?

thanks for your answers.

I personal don’t have had this issue. I only know from a user in telegram group. I think GPS Reset COM will be the right one. You can also try GPS fix.

I was never able to solve this issue.