Granular data or log report on cellular usage missing. Large data transfer of the Android OS in background even with Data saver on

Dear devs,

A couple of times I encountered a strange behavior regarding cellular data usage. The cellular data jumped up by 670MB by Android OS usage and all in background even Data saver was on. No apps unrestricted data access, all OFF. And I managed to take some screenshots of the data usage numbers.

It happened right away when WiFi connection had been left (on my commute). Before, on WiFi:

Magic Earth had been started, cellular had been lost for some time, ME froze, Android layer had been restarted (the system is encrypted, but no validation to decrypt had been requested, only normal unlock login had been requested) and when the eOS booted up (max up to 3 minutes), new data information had been presented – by coincidence, the screenshot shows that we had been again on WiFi:

All the data increment can be assigned to Android OS, with some little math.

All data had been downloaded in BG:

ME uses as little data as possible:

Data saver had been on all the time.

I wish to get knowledge about the

  • time and amount of data downloaded, per minute basis
  • specific process or app responsible for the increment in background data

Can you recommend me any app able to monitor cellular usage more granular, please?

The ME crash had been reported to Magic Earth support and may be caused by missing (not downloaded) maps and restriction to download any data via cellular connection.

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you can report the issue on the gitlab, and it would be nice to take some logs juste after the data consumption occurs.

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Sorry for the silly question :smiley:
maybe you have the Documents / Music folders with a lot of data inside ? Because it could also be the synchronization of the data on your /e/ account or something else

Half a GB, mostly photos and videos. But no new photo or video made around the time of the crash a reboot and data upload.

I tried to get to the root of the cause by setting Data saver=ON and setting a Set data usage warning limit.

It occurred two times that I came back from cellular coverage to WiFi coverage and a large amount of data was uploaded. All uploads in background, I logged in to Android only when seeing the errors and notifications. In cellular coverage I was on the move and taking pictures and videos. For the last cca half an hour before entering WiFi coverage no media has been created. All uploads had to start when entering WiFi coverage. At one occasion the data usage limit has been triggered. The second time the cellular data cap has been reached. In both cases the the NextCloud app stopped uploading with SSL initialization failed error. At the second occasion also /e/ cloud data cap was reached – but that was a false alarm, because only 70% was reached when checked through the webinterface.

OK, my cellular data are drained for the rest of the month. But I want to be prepared for the next wave.

  • I have learned about the bugreports and set up a shortcut to the power button. I’ll be prepared to create some BR before and after the event occurred.
  • I noticed that the NextCloud dev account has a Files sync option in Accounts. That is switched off by now and will remain switched off until further testing.
  • I need an app with more granular cell and WiFi data upload usage statistics. Any thought, please?

I have new readings on data usage and I am even more puzzled.

Data saver = ON and a single app is allowed in it: TrackerControl. Data reading for the whole day has been recorded by My Data Manager 9.1.3. On my way by a vehicle no GPS signal was available, so I restarted the device. The only app I started and used was Magic Earth. Later on the way about 10 minutes into travelling, I was notified about a high cellular usage (0,5+GB). At the finish 1GB has been transfered within less than an hour. Then I switched off cellular data usage and created a bug report.

Here are screenshots from the app. The data consumer is CM Settings Storage:

The system says similar usage, but different app: Android OS

I do not understand, what is CM Settings Storage doing, what has been downloaded and why.