GrapheneOS Camera Option - Possible foundation for a native /e/OS Camera

Sorry @Seven , I’m not experimented enough to recommend a camera app (I take less than 10 pictures a year!).
So I think I’ll pass for this one, and let a more relevant user open the case… :pensive:

Anyway, this is a very interesting suggestion, and I’ll give the app a try :smiley_cat:

Checked this app from Aurora (installation was easy). Simple and functional GUI, easy to handle, even for beginners. A very useful feature is that it can store the pictures directly on the SD card without any tricks. QR scanner is also nice.

But I will probably stay on a GCam port. My main problem is insufficient noise reduction especially in the corners. The Graphene app is here indeed better than OpenCamera, but stays behind the GCam algorithm. You see it immediately. This is worsened by the complete absence of any options related to this. The only available option related to the picture quality is the JPEG compression level. So the user must live with that. I also haven’t found any HDR, or did I overlook something?

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@irrlicht Well in the initial post I just asked a simple question; “Could this be used as a foundation to a new native /e/OS Camera?” If you read the GrapheneOS camera guide i linked in the original post, the camera can do a lot more. However this is also dependent in the device as well. Check out the link. I doubt /e/ could use a Google Camera app for a base for an improved /e/ Camera app. Right? Which is the point of the initial post. /e/ can use this as a base which seems to be far better than the current /e/ camera app. Secondly, many people want an alternative now, so getting the GrapheneOS camera app is an option. One that a few users seem to be very happy with now judging by some of the above posts. So, options right? However, I am glad you enjoy your Google Camera, since many devices can not use it or people do not want to run a hacked version of it on their phones. Which leads back to the original intent of the post; To try and improve the existing default camera on /e/ for everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just a quick download and exploration of the app, i actually also support the idea of it becoming part of /e/ in some way. As I’ve said on the Bliss vs Trebuchet threads, I’m not a fan of redundant apps but would use it regardless

What do you mean?
Your hacked Gcam has a better quality?

Yes way better. Picture quality depends mostly on software… I guess Google has a big camera software develop team :wink:

I quess we all got by now what you meant to ask, and this is indeed intresting idea. With that say I think no one here who suggests improvement to app, are not neseccary against to that app being used as new foundation to based from. They’re probably just thinking one step further, what could / should be improved at /e/ fork.

I personally think this app has better UI, no accidentially switching to video mode. No accidentially zooming when trying to change camera, or at some point / zoom level accidentially changing camera while trying to zoom. Current /e/ camera app has troubles with those. First problem caused by UI elements being too close to each others, latter part caused by overlapping UI elements in /e/ current camera app.

What I would like & need to be improve to /e/ fork:

-Support for all cameras at device (well that depth camera wouldn’t need to have it’s own view, it’s information should just be used if selected Bokeh mode), Showing friendly names to cameras like Macri, Extra wide etc. and showing those at right from video option, following by some extra modes like UI is usually at stock camera apps, could be under more…
-Bokeh mode
-HDR mode
-Night mode
-Pro mode with more features with full control for user

Anyway thanks for suggesting this idea, I wasn’t even aware of this app, now tested, thanks!


Yes, OK, I got this. It’s an idea.

But with the experience of “Murena app developing” over the last 18 months I’m not right sure how successful such a project will be. Until now they always just made a fork, let this get old and grey and did then some half-hearted handicrafts (I mean especially the Mail app, the file manager (which still can’t delete a single damned file), also the browser).

My opinion is more and more they (Murena) should concentrate on the OS and do their best there but forget the apps. Instead they should cooperate with some “trusted” app developers and setup some agreements with them about using their original software. This would also dispense them from a lot of bugs they must actually handle themselves.


Offtopic, but quick answer to this. If you for example download file using browser and open file manager, you will first see rescent files. You can’t indeed delete nor rename fila at that “view”. But if you go to Downloads from top left “Hamburger menu”, look same file at there… Now you can rename and delete file. You just currently have to “manipulate” file at it actual location.

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I got this Camera 37 apk. But on installation there comes an error : “There was a problem while parsing the package”
Someone please help me.

Thanks for that. But what is this good for? Ask the users how many think this is a bug (we had that question here already several times) and how many think this is a sophisticated, useful and well reasoned feature. Look, I must do something in a way I don’t want, I don’t need and I can’t even guess - so I must just learn that, after 30 years of handling computers in which I deleted millions of files, because this silly thing means I should do it different. The result is: I do not use this file manager, never, and I also don’t recommend it to others.

@Zeno Is your Phone at least on Android 10 or higher? Is it up to date? If not, it may not install. Graphene also stated they have 2 versions. One in the playstore. See if you find it in the app-lounge.

Mine is lates 0.23 pie e os. My phone is Redmi Note 4. And I ve downloaded it from Git. And it also shows on App Lounge and Play Store but I cant install it.

Only thing I can figure is at least one way to do it, even cumbersome. Should report bug though if not already at gitlab. But won’t continue this much more cause is offtopic, but to keep things be more at topic. You’re right about what are “risks” for forks. But still worth to consider for default camera app. Time will show what /e/ team thinks of…

@Zeno So the Xiomi Redmi Note 4 does show it’s on Pie. Pie is Android 9. For the Camera to work it has to be on Android 10 or Q. I see no indication of an upgrade being worked on by going off the below device list. I can only suggest you get a device that can at least run on Q. The device list below shows you which devices do that.

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@irrlicht And that’s a great approach as well…

I’m not opposed to it. You may want to make that suggestion as topic of discussion in it’s own post, if you haven’t already. Decentralized development is not a bad idea.

Thanks for the explanation.

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Hey, can you find the CameraApp in AppLounge? I could not open the link from the Github page. Had to install the APK directly. I also could not find it in App Lounge search.

The Graphene Camera App feels great in its UI. I need to do some further testing and from what I see already it may become my default camera app.

Offtopic: is there a way to integrate further repos in AppLounge?

As said earlier, yes it can be found on App Lounge… search for “secure camera” and select the one made by GrapheneOS. If not found it’s probably not compatible with your device / Android version (requires at least Android 10 / Q).

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I don’t agree: to me OC is still better (expecially for tons of configurable options) even than GCam too.

So, to me, \e\ camera should be based on it.