GrapheneOS Camera Option - Possible foundation for a native /e/OS Camera

Sure, OpenCamera has a lot of options, so many that an average user can despair (and GCam has even many more …)

But the main problem of OpenCamera is insufficient noise reduction. I wrote several times about this (here in German and here, both with examples). OpenCamera makes grainy pictures, especially in the corners and under low light, even when noise reduction is on. I haven’t found a workaround for that.

Maybe GCam quality and OC options would achieve the best of both worlds then…

…anyway OC is now mutch wider compatible with older OS versions (requires Android 4.0.3+ to work).

So how can we try the hacked google cam?

You can download an APK from here.

I found this link to be pretty informative:

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I find this post a bit counterproductive. I personally don’t see the point of hacking the Gcam even though we are part of the adventure /e/. It is better to support the effort of /e/ or graphene in my opinion and not systematically go back to GAFAM for everything and anything. So yes newpipe hack youtube, aurorastore hack the playstore but the paradigm is different in the sense that they are content platforms with a monopoly.

In any case the /e/cam or graphene are fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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The point is /e/cam and graphene are unusable as camera if you want quality pictures.

I really don’t agree. The quality of cam is 80% (invented number :wink:) due to the hardware not the software. And by the way if you want really good photo you can perform post treatement on computer or take photograph with a real device designed for that not with a slartphone. But again it’s just my point of view :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

That what i thought before i started using open camera, software makes or breaks the image. We could ditch our smartphones and use a pc and nokia 3310 both designed to do their job well, google-free right? The beauty of a smart phone is its multiple usage function, camera is important and has been a weak spot in /e/ since the beginning.

And has low weight. And robustness. If you plan to cross the Alps walking from north to south in 20 days or so you really think about taking your 1.5kg reflex camera with you. For reasons. But you never think about a smart phone (for navigation, communication, emergency, …)

I agree: smatrphones cameras are not intended for quality (no small lens can guarantee the capture of an adequate amount of light for high quality shootings: my old floppy-based 1 MP Sony Mavica FD-81 quality still outclasses many modern 10+ MP HDR smartphones’ cameras) but for mobility, anyway some software features - such as OC’s artificial horizon - are very useful to take “right” pics.

ALL Android camera apps relays on Google Camera APIs, so differences is in the use app-devs does of it.

This “article” confirms that that app olso needs “your device supports the Camera2 API”, which - for example - OC can use too.

Last but not least, Graphene camera app does recieve many (excessive?) updates, once a day in the last week.

It is not possible to disagree and talk the quality difference away, its there.

Very interesting reply from Zanthed to my GH-issue:

We can’t use ANYTHING from Open Camera because they use a non-free/restrictive licence and we don’t want to include GPLv3 or any variant of GPLv3 code into our project

…'cause they choosed MIT license instead.

The GrapheneOS Camera takes far better pictures on my Tearcube 2e and my Pixel XL.
Better that the native app and better than OpenCamera.
And it is much simpler to use.
I vote for making it the native app.

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