GrapheneOS Camera Option - Possible foundation for a native /e/OS Camera

@smu44 The new GrapheneOS Camera app based on Android’s modern CameraX library. It replaces AOSP Camera for GrapheneOS. This works great on /e/OS as well.

Could this be used as a foundation to a new native /e/OS Camera?

On the GrapheneOS Camera app


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It even includes a QR code scanner!
I am for it (+1)

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I deleted immediatly the stock camera app when I downloaded this. This is awesome, wonderful, fantastic camera app!!!


Great appand I’m using it. Just the wide lens cannot be used with it…

thx for this app
work on my fp3+

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@lapor Check out the GrapheneOS usage guide I linked in my initial post. It actually gets into a bit more of what the app can do, and how to use it. I have no issues using the wide lens. Of course your device can also be a factor.

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I read the manual, but I still cannot use the wide lens on FP4.

@Seven Good find, thanks for sharing! :smiley_cat:
Better open a suggestion issue :wink:

I like the app, but the quality difference with my hacked google camera is just unbelievable.

@smu44 Thought you might enjoy that. :slightly_smiling_face: As for opening a suggestion issue. I will leave that up to anyone who is a pro at opening suggestion issues. Maybe you? :grin: I just wanted to get the suggestion out there. And of course there are some people who just want to grab the app now and use it as it. :sunglasses:

Sadly I can’t instal it on my S8… I get an error message : The apk doesn’t pass the analyse… or something like that.

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@XjFred If you read the information from GrapheneOS site, there are 2 versions. One you can directly install from the GitHub page OR from the Playstore. The Playstore version should be available in the /e/ App Lounge. So if you tried one version, give the other a try.

I did read it. But no “Secure Camera” in the app lounge nor in Aurora here…

@XjFred Interesting. I was able to find it just fine. Try searching for ‘Graphene’ instead. See what pops up. I was able to find it using ‘Secure Camera’ though. Please keep in mind that the version of /e/ you are running and/or the hardware it’s on maybe a factor as to why you can’t find it and or why it will not install from the download version.

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Seems like Secure Camera is not allowed for Android 9… but I can’t find a confirmation in the Graphene website.
Edit : I have the confirmation. It works for Android 10 or more…
Too bad.

I’m all for better quality images. What’s the hacked google camera?

@andrelam I am sure they are unbelievable. However, I doubt /e/ could use a hacked Google Camera app for a base for an improved /e/ Camera app. Right? Which is the point of the initial post. /e/ can use this as a base which seems to be far better than the current /e/ camera app. Secondly, many people do not want a ‘hacked’ app on their phone, so getting the GrapheneOS camera app is an option. One that a few users are very happy with now judging by some of the above posts. So, options right? However I am glad you enjoy your GCam. :slightly_smiling_face:

But if it’s not compatible with Pie (9), then /e/ probably won’t be able to use it since they still have devices using that version.

However, they are testing moving the S7 to Q (10), so maybe in the future as more devices are upgraded it could become an option.

@DrinkingPants74 Well in the initial post I just asked a simple question; “Could this be used as a foundation to a new native /e/OS Camera?” So the idea would be that /e/ could take the code and build an improved /e/ camera. No, the GrapheneOS Camera is not compatible with pie. But that was never the focus of this post. Now, that doesn’t mean /e/ can not build upon the code and find a way to make an /e/ camera compatible for pie. I wasn’t suggesting /e/ just take and use the Graphene Camera as is. I suggested they take the code and make their own from it, just like they took LineageOS and built something different from it. That’s all. But in the mean time, for those who want to use the Graphene camera as is, and if it is compatible, then by all means go for it. It’s all about options. If you are not able to use the camera as is, then that is unfortunate. However if your device can get Q on your device then you should be good.

Thanks for sharing this interesting option
…BTW we still have an open requirement for developers who can modify the camera code…if you know anyone with the required skills do let us know