Great apps you have just discovered

This isn’t recent and it is pretty well known but. rethinkdns. this is pretty much the only firewall application that solved my issue of having to choose between it or something to hide my ip with cause it allows for easy orbot setup. but aside from that the enhanced control it gives over your apps connections and the wide variatey of ads, tracking and malicious domain blocklists makes it a really strong and compatible privacy tool. and also it’s designed in a way where it has a decent amount of options for power users while having a user interface user friendly enough to where it’s not too hard for any person to understand

So in short i think it’s a gem due to how powerful it is while being able to appeal to both experienced and inexperienced users


@Nicolas_Sas Sapio is a good find, haven’t seen this yet - jonathanklee, creator of Sapio, develops for microg and /e/ - the App takes user submissions from and to its own API, not from Plexus (you didn’t imply, just to clarify). Users can contribute through the interface after selecting which App they want to give feedback on. Good proof of concept.

Plexus sources data from a csv (now json) that you could contribute to through git. They want to move to an API too. They have a bit different test criteria / scores. Putting user feedback on aosp/microg compatability into an App store client would be pretty great.

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Just curious, have you tried NetGuard (which probably inspired RethinkDNS on some aspects)?

I hate to say it, but I’m thinking of stopping Netguard and switching to RDNS due in large part to Marcel Bokhorst stopping development of the application :frowning: (last version 2.303 added on 2022-11-12)

Don’t make me say what I didn’t say, Netguard does the job but, being on standby and comparing with RDNS and the number of updates (last version 054a (27) added on 2023-03-20) and the involvement of the developers on this app I now think that RDNS surpasses Netguard on many aspects.

I had made donation for the Pro version of NG and that’s why I hesitate to switch to RDNS. I still secretly hope that Marcel will take over this by far essential application…

What do you think about it?

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I have actually tried netguard before. I definitely would say it’s still pretty good but i can understand the concern of updates.

Now as for rethinkdns yes it pretty much has nearly every feature that netguard has and does while having more to offer. Such as instead of blocking an app entirely you can opt to only block specific connections that it makes or the other way around where everything is blocked by default and you pick which connections to allow.

Sadly if you want to use any blocklists they don’t allow imports of any kind right now and you have to deal with the preset list. the good thing is that the preset list of blocklists is pretty good and plentiful of lists.

You can also use orbot as a proxy to hide your ip and it’s really easy to set it up. only catch is that it’s tied to the dns mode so if you ever want to turn off or pause the dns your connections will no longer be routed through orbot until the dns mode is back on. also just fyi the exclude option excludes the whole app from rethinkdns which can be used to stop certain apps from using orbot.

I was just listing some of the big features in more detail. There are smaller features too

But here’s what i say overall. i’d say before making the switch just try rethinkdns out first. Cause like with every app there are some tradeoffs, the main one i can think of at this moment is that rethinkdns is considerably more buggy in the work profile which may never be fixed.

So don’t uninstall netguard yet, see if rethinkdns works good enough for you and you like it

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This. …

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Very nice for quick share of files between devices and different OS:
I like it more than browser based solutions (like Share to Computer or QRServ) but you need to install on receiving devices as well.

edit: just realized that the app also offers download via browser (not encrypted though) for receiver without install


LocalSend seems cool. Have you come across or noticed the issue regarding image files?

Don`t clear photo metadata · Issue #237 · localsend/localsend · GitHub

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I use still plain old FTP, the device is the server (FTP, SFTP), you find a bunch of clients (including GUI) on every other OS.


Good catch @marcdw I missed that
I just checked: image size obviously gets reduced for the receiving androidOS and receiving iOS as well.
will check behaviour of receiving Win later
Use with caution! (know your usecase)

Windows 10 receives unaltered size from android as far as I can tell.
Already compressed files in low quality sent to android device seem to not be further reduced in size /quality
not thoroughly tested, just a few tries and I did not care much about metadata…
behaviour might be acceaptable in some usecases, least it is in some of mine.

New opensource password manager from Proton(mail).

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Nice catch @MRTN. Any improvement or difference respect to keepass ?

I like SimpleSSHD by Greg Alexander.

Easy Secure Shell (SSH) file or folder transfer between Android and any other computing devices on the wifi network, either by command line, or GUI copy and paste functions to/from your computer’s Files viewer to/from your Android’s Files app over the network via SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

Documentation could be better, but it’s not too hard to figure out.

I think I found a tool that could be quite useful.
Apps crash and we need to get info about why. Grab or record logs but then scroll around looking for the crash.

Waaay back in the day there was an app called AndyLog that monitored last crashes. It was great and a mandatory part of my toolkit. Alas, once Nougat (Android 7) was released it no longer worked. One for the history books.

Just came across LogFox. Besides being a standard log reader / recorder it has a crash dump feature.

LogFox - IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository

Uses root or Shizuku. Not sure of any other method. Can be set to run at boot to monitor crashes.

Knowing I have one app that does crash I started up LogFox and tried to run the app (SysInfo). When it crashed I got a notification. Switched to LogFox and there it is. Crash dump ready to be used and analyzed. Not bad.


Credits to @obacht !!


Just came across something on F-Droid that may be of interest, especially for those who want something like the old Silence encrypted SMS app.

Deku SMS

Haven’t had a chance to check it out. All but one of my devices are VoIP. I can maybe test a couple of features but not the e2e.

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For NewPipe users there is a utility called BendyStraw on F-Droid (so via App Lounge I suppose).

It allows for manipulating playlists, channels, streams, among other things. Can’t easily describe it so check out the description.


Thanks for the mention.

Came across this one awhile back. I don’t use Private DNS but I figure most do. Some folks probably change the servers every so often so this tool seems ideal for that.

Private DNS Quick Toggle is a quick settings tile to switch your private dns provider. Supports any number of providers. Makes it easy to turn adblocking dns servers on or off with just a single tap.

Private DNS Quick Toggle - IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository

GitHub - karasevm/PrivateDNSAndroid: Quick settings tile to switch active private DNS server

Requires Shizuku or manual ADB setup.

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I may have posted this in the wrong thread :confused: [LIST] Recommended FOSS Applications - #110 by smu44.

It is great in both :+1::+1:

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