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Hi everyone and best regards from Germany. I’ve been installing and using custom roms on different mobiles since Android Eclair and I’m a security oriented power user. But only a couple of weeks ago after searching for ‘degoogled android’ I found this rom, so I downloaded and installed /e/ quickly and troublefree on my good old Samsung Note 3.
First impression? Awesome! Lightning fast, beautiful interface and best of all Google free!
I have just set up Aurora Store, now I can anonimously access Playstore and now I want to test some apps. How safe is this rom to use my banking app or paypal or any financial app for instance? Any feedback on your own experience will be appreciated, thanks in advance.
PS. I really wish I could install this rom on my Blackberry Keyone.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Pl note not all banking and financial apps work on /e/ . The ones which require the complete Google infra on the phones will have a problem on /e/ . You can check what works and what does not work here

Hi Manoj, thanks for the quick feedback, I’m most concerned about login to a banking or money-related app and my data finding it’s way somewhere else if you know what I mean.
I just checked the list, very informative, thanks!

Lots of ex-Blackberry-user here :slight_smile: Me too!

Took about three weeks until I stopped waking up the screen by just swiping up.

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I’m still rocking a K1 and (very unpatiently) waiting for the new BB 2021 but there are no news about availability and most important, pricing, don’t want/need to invest a small fortune on a new mobile.

Better get a eDevice like S9 or so , BB will die in 2022

There’s a new BB coming out mid 2021 and I’m patiently waiting for it, but I’m also getting a S9 from a friend of mine, you never know : )

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I’m done with that. BB made great phones but they also kicked the users two times into the ass, when they let BBOS die and when the let BB10 die. They did really a lot to lose the last thousend faithful users. And when they want it like this they should also get it.

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You could install the Blisslauncher and the iconpack…:))

I agree, I loved BB and they really messed up, but I’m glad they came up with the keyone, don’t know what is coming next but I’m waiting until it comes out to finally make a choice.
I have my eye also on the Unihertz Titan and now I know it’s supported (though not officially but I hope that will change soon)

The Bliss launcher was indeed the first I replaced by something else.

I actually quite like the bliss launcher, it’s simple, fast and uncluttered, I have used a lot of different launchers on android and I love to change the look of my devices, on android the possibilities are pretty much endless, but I’ve come to a point where I just need simplicity, stability and good functionally (and most important, privacy!) I have found most of it on /e/, just my two cents : )

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The Bliss launcher has on its left most screen (nobody knows why) fixed widgets you can’t get rid of. I remember a ridiculous Google search bar, a dynamic bar showing the most used apps and a big weather widget. I never use these widgets for anything but they fill already 3/4 of the screen without I want this. That’s unprofessional and paternalistic. Everything I would like to have would be located beneath, after scrolling down, or on another screen. - I use Lawnchair 2 instead which lets me configure what and where I want.

That is very sad , I love the Bliss Launcher

One update I would like to see come to Bliss Launcher is Landscape mode ,cause these day’s we
have e coming to Tablets as well …I love the weather part that don’t ask for a GPS conection , but simply put in your City and Boem weather via wifi , Many Roms can learn from e

It 's on the roadmap :

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Waaw i,m happy to read that thanks for the friendly update , and nice to meet you.

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