GS290 /e/OS testing has started


:loudspeaker: We are pleased to announce the start of the testing for the GS290. The test build is being shared with the team of volunteer testers. We hope to conclude the testing soon and release the build for all users.

The build in on Android Q or /e/ Q

If you are interested in testing the GS290 please follow the instructions given here

If you are interested in buying an /e/-GS290, let us know, we might have something coming up for you…

Device Specs for the GS290

  • An extra-large display
  • 6.3″, 19.5:9 FHD + V-notch display
  • Powerful octa-core processor with 4G LTE
  • High-resolution 16-MP + 2-MP dual camera
  • Long-lasting 4700-mAh lithium polymer battery with fast charging

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The first test was already promising!
I am already looking forward to the first stable release that hopefully will appear soon.
Will my test version on the GS290 be automatically updated with the first stable version, if available?

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Thank you for adding this device. It runs very smoothly with /e/OS 0.13 hopefully this device will recieve a lot of dev support.

My father dropped his iphone in the toilet somehow (best place for it). As its now not working i decided to buy my Dad a Gigaset GS290 from the shop which willl hopefully support this site and community. Only ordered it yesterday so still waiting. Now my father will be able to enjoy the /e/OS free from the shackles of Google. I appreciate /e/ adding more affordable phone than the Samsung, tho hope to see more affordable phones in the future at a much lesser price than the GS290 so that maybe i can buy for other family members.