Help us test the /e/ OS on the GS290

As you may be aware we are porting the /e/ OS to the GS290.

We have completed the porting and would begin testing it soon. The /e/ OS version is Android 10 or ‘Q’.

In case you have the device and would like to help with the testing please send us the following details to

/e/ email ID (optional)
Tester Name (optional)
/e/ Gitlab ID ( required)
Telegram username (required)

[ Need the gitlab ID to add your name to the testing project - this would be required for you to download the test builds,

  • the telegram ID is need to add your name to the telegram /e/ testing channel - we use a dedicated telegram channel for the testers to share their feedback ]

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


My GS290 is currently running Android 9, but I am offered Android 10. As volunteers for the eOS test, should we upgrade before the test or should we stay with Android 9?

Checking with the team. Let me get back on this.

For now please continue on the Android 9 version of the GS290 Stock ROM.

Do not upgrade to stock 10 ROM on the GS290. The /e/ OS build is 10 / Q and upgrades the device.


Too late, because I missed the edit of your first reply :frowning: The device is now on Android 10 as an OTA update from Gigaset. Is there no eOS installation possible?

No issues. I am waiting for the developer to complete this round of testing and report back. Pie to /e/OS Q has been tested and works.
The Android 10 to /e/ Q should normally work as this is the advise we share on other devices… Flash the latest stock ROM before flashing /e/ …just want to check once the developer tests this route as well.

Easy-installer integration is a good suggestion. Will check if we have any plans on taking that up.

I would like to help testing this GS290, am willing to buy it. But first some general questions:

  1. Could I already use it for everyday use, or is it too early days, compared e.g. to using my pre-installed Samsung S7 ? I mean, some crashes etc are acceptable, but not every hour with normal use.
  2. Can I install it in such a way that it works with all the apps that come on a pre-installed S7 ?
  3. How difficult is this? I am handy with PCs and mobile phones, and have a gitlab ID. But I know little about AOSP and MicroG.

The /e/ OS is the same for all devices. So what you can do on any /e/ device you should be able to do on the GS290 as well.

Not sure where this comes in. microG is there is all /e/ OS. Why would you want AOSP. The test ROM has to be flashed on the GS290 like for any other device we test.

All said and done using a test device as a daily driver is not recommended. Ideally you should have a separate device for testing.

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The /e/ OS is the same for all devices.

Does that mean that, when I flash a device with /e/, it then has the same standard apps as a pre-installed device as bought from the e-shop?

Yes, we only have one set of apps on all devices. Stable and dev builds get the same set of applications. Devices bought from the eShop or manually installed by users by downloading the ROM will be the same as far as the applications are concerned.
The exception is certain old phone models which have a smaller partition. This required a minimal version of /e/ on them. We removed apps like Maps, Weather, PDFViewer, OpenOfficeViewer which was taking up a lot of space.

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So I would like to be involved in this, but clearly I don’t have understanding of some of the technology (see my stupid AOSP question). Seems better to only start when it is in 0.9 state, nearly ready, so I can use it and test at the same time, do you agree Manoj?
Could you give me a heads-up when I can start?

By 0.9 state do you mean Pie Os version? The build the test team is checking out this week is on /e/ Q or Android 10 . User with GS290 need to first upgrade their device to stock Android 10 and the flash the /e/ test build. Hopefully we should be able to release the build for all users in 1-2 weeks if not earlier.

No, I just mean “nearly 1.0, nearly ready for everyday use”

Then just wait for the dev release. That as I mentioned should happen in 1-2 weeks.

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By the way, the GS290 (and other Gigaset products) has a 25% discount from Nov 27 - 30, at the factory site

170 EUR is not bad, even compared to the 100-130 EUR for slightly used ones.