GS290 - Update not working - Unsure how to proceed

Dear /e/ community,

I am rather unexperienced at flashing ROMs but with the support of some very helpful /e/ community members I managed to get /e/ onto my GS290. This was in May and as I was very happy with my /e/ phone I followed the strategy “Never change a running system”. Which is of course not so clever when it comes to security patches … :wink:

So when I finally decided to go for a system update, I ran into the same problem as others that the system update did not work (see e.g. ). Gigaset GS290 can’t update to v0.16

I read many posts, checked and indeed I have the recovery-e-14 from the dev branch installed (and /e/0.16 from stable). So this seems to be the problem.

Before I start, I would be very garteful if someone more experienced than I could confirm that this is the way to go:

Workaround: Flash the latest version of the recovery:

And a small follow-up question: Which /e/ version would you recommend me to update to (0.20 or earlier?) I read some posts about problems with wifi/BT because of a problem with the boot.img
(By the way: Is it ok to have a more recent recovery version (e.g. 0.20) and an older /e/ version (e.g. 0.18))

Thanks in advance for help!