GS290 V0.20 Wifi Calling still not working

Hello guys. Do wifi calling working on your phones?

Hi Wilhelm,
Yes - my GS290 Devices are working - but not with the boot.img delivered with /e/OS!
Have a look at the end of the post:

Best regards

Do I understand this in the right manner? I should simply reinstall the device from scratch with the newest boot.img?

First you can have a look to the settings in the mobile network. Here you can configure VoWiFi. But depending on how far you upgraded your phone in Stock ROM the boot.img of might not fit with the rest of the “remaining” Stock firmware. Then it can be the easiest to install a actual boot.img from Stock ROM. In the Moment I’m running (have installed) the Stock boot.img from October 2021 together with the recovery.img and system.img of Version 0.20 without problems.