[GSI] Q-GSI --- new version download location. See post 73

At first sight it does not look bad at all! Why? Because clever minds have already dealt with it.

It could work on this basis: [Project Treble] [SM-T580] [gtaxlwifi]

Thankss @SuzieQ it seems they only tried using android 9 treble ROMs and I don’t want to take a risk with the Q gsi if untried as the tablet I use daily

Normally Q GSI will work with pie vendor firmware.
I’m using a treblized Mi5s Plus with Android 9 vendor firmware. And I can run Android 9, 10 and 11 GSI successful

So @harvey186 would I still need to install the treble zip in the link @SuzieQ provided to try your Q- gsi on the T-580 ?

I think yes, but I’m not sure. Better asking in the XDA post

good news, found the issue. So I can go ahead with building Q-GSI with newest MicroG (it’s included the tracking api :wink: )

@Sean, your question speaks volumes.

Please check your Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) SM-T580 (Wi-Fi only) which was released in May 2016 with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and is working with Stock Android Oreo 8.1.0 since 2018.

The ‘Treble Check’ tells you if your Device is “Project Treble ready” and if so, which CPU architecture and which System partition structure (A/B, A-only) is available.

If the Treble (GSI) requirements are not met, you will have to use external tools.

Yes, that is very gratifying. Congratulations on finding the bug. But I did not expect anything else from you. And you also jump over your shadow and integrate Marvin Wißfeld’s “devil tool”. That is extremely noteworthy. It’s simply user-friendly in view of what’s going on in the world right now with Covid-19.

By the way: The “tracking api” is only activated when the user wants it to be activated, otherwise it remains switched OFF by default,

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@harvey186 dh64 @harvey186 dh64 @harvey186 dh64 @harvey186

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Thank you very much for building, @harvey186. I didn’t expect that building goes so fast.
You really are a ‘Build/e/r Guru’. This is a really big show from you.


Please explain (again) what is the difference between eOS-Q Full and LeOS-Q builds.Thanks.

LeOS is my own rom. It’s a mix of LOS and eOS with all my own mods, like bootanimation, font and default apps and with old MicroG version (without tracking option)

I will add a What LeOS is in that folder with explanation

Hi @harvey186,
my A3 2017 SM-A320FL is an A-Only system, work(ed) with GSI LOS 17.1 and TWRP 3.4.0-0.

With TWRP I flashed your 2.4 GB eOS-Q-Full-_arm64_avS-20201017.img into the partition /System Image. After a while I got the feedback from TWRP in blue font [image flash completed]. Now [Reboot System] and - the system is in a bootloop. The Samsung A3 logo is displayed repeatedly. Do you have an idea what I might have done wrong?

mhm, most time the bootloop cause is a bad /data partition.
Do you have formatted /data before booting ??

And I’m always use
faastboot -w
fastboot flash system eOS-Q-Full-_arm64_avS-20201017.img
fastboot reboot

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Format the /data partition - yes, I always do that when I do a ‘Clean Install’.

Now I have set everything to the beginning. GSI LOS 17.1 runs again.

Samsung’s A3 2017 SM-A320FL does not support fastboot commands. You know that too!
What else can I do?

ohh, yes, I’m old and I forget alot :frowning:

In a hour there will be a LeOS available. Try that, it’s more LOS than eOS (but still ungoogled). I mean only for testing purpose. It’s a minimal version.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t really see your LeOS-Q with all your mods, bootanomation and font as an alternative to eOS-Q. Please, no hard feelings(!)

that’s OK. But I think it would be nice if you will make only a short test, to ensure that the issue is on eOS sources not on LOS sources.

EDIT version is available now

Yes, you are right(!) I will try out your new LeOS under this aspect. See you later.

stop stop °!°°° just seen, that there is something from with upload. The file size is to low.