[GSI] Q-GSI --- new version download location. See post 73

I have build 2 eOS-Q-GSI (arm64 a-only and a/b)
I have made no sources changes. In this sources all goolag calls are removed by e-dev’s

Download here

October, 17th: New download location ->> https://reuthernet.at/GSI/
New builds included new MicroG feature (Exposure Notification)

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Downloading as I type :slight_smile: I’ll give it a try on my sacrificial XZ1 Compact and report back

Good luck :smiley:

Sadly, no joy bootlooping as with the earlier Android 10 GSIs (yours, and others from XDA). It’s the phone, not your GSI :slight_smile:

Mhm, it really seems, that your device is not able to run any Q-GSI.

But there is an LOS17.1 rom available. Have you ever tried ? And if you will find the sources, you can build eOS-Q for it. In the meantime the Q-spurces are looking very well

Sort of. Thanks to @SuzieQ, I found the Havoc OS v3.9 official ROM which is based on AOSP rather than LOS 17. It;s working fine on my daily driver phone

I’m waiting to hear whether the /e/ Docker image supports building Android Q. If/when it does, then Iplan to try making a device-specific eOS-Q build.

Until then, I’ll happily try other buiilds - GSI or device-specific on my spare phone. Ive become quite an expert is reflashing the stock ROM :slight_smile:

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I manage to make it work on Pocophone f1(had bootloops) .After official android 10 update poco F1 needs A/B GSI (not just A) to work and Dm-varity/forcencrypt disable.
only problem volte/vowifi dosnt work at the moment

Good to hear that it’s working. But volte does often has issues on a lot of roms/devices.

I dont have any issue regarding Volte on Lineage os or other roms.on E even the settings are missing adding the volte/vowifi build.prop lines didnt help.

I only know from a lot of posts here and on telegram groups that a lot of different devices and eOS version does have issues with volte

@harvey186 is there a way to have the calander app icon show current date as happens in official/e/? On your gsi version I’m using it only shows the date as 7 everyday.

No, sorry, I think it’s a Bliss Launcher feature. You can try with Bliss, it’s available at f-droid

Oh OK, I’ll just stick with Total launcher for now.

I’ve made a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) A320FL GSI Treble capable. At the moment it runs with an unofficial LOS 17.1 GSI-ROM.

@harvey186, is an updated eOS-17.1-202010*.img.xz Oct. or Nov. 2020 build planned?

yes, but since Wednesday all my builds aren’t booting anymore and I don’t know why. :sob: :sob: :sob:
I’m trying to solve the issue all the day.

Oh, just like that out of the blue?

from one build to the next … no booting. It’s really stupid.


Could you explain how you did, please? Mine is in standby, because I encountered problems with recovery, repatitionner, system installation… so I flashed stock ROM.

Well, I was surprised to read about you:

My A3 2017 SM-A320FL (Exynos 7870 arm64) definitely has an A-Only system partition and was flashed with a corresponding image. Please check it again with Treble Compatibility Checking App ‘Treble Check’.

For my part, it is planned to share my experiences with Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 SM-A320FL and @harvey186’s [GSI] Q-GSI build 10/11/12/ 2020 here in this /e/forum.

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Hi, I’m wondering whether the Q-gsi version would work on my Galaxy Tab A (sm-t580)? ,I currently have Xtendend android 10 running