Gta4l "package requires firmware from an Android 12 based stock ROM build"

Currently trying to install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 SM-T505, using the instructions on this page:

I’ve managed to get as far as the recovery-e screen, but when I upload the recommended file (using adb sideload, it gets to just over 40% before giving up with this error message:

This package requires firmware from an Android 12 based stock ROM build. Please upgrade firmware and retry!

The device is running Android 12 and is fully up to date.

This problem is reproducible (ie happens every time I get this far). I’ve flashed the most recent firmware with the same results.

I note the e zip is for Android T, ie 13, but can’t find any 12 builds for this device.

Any suggestions how to get past this? All help appreciated.

Update have also tried with the e-1.21 zip file linked to from the above page. This gave up with the following error message:

Target SPL@ 2024-01-05 this is considered a downgrade
Denying OTA because it’s SPL downgrade

Hi @tross, welcome to this forum.

If you have Samsung T505XXS7CXB1 (rev7bit) security patch 2024-01-01 already installed,
You cannot flash Samsung T505XXS6CWI2 (because rev6bit) security patch 2023-08-01

But you should be abble to install /e/OS e-1.21-t-20240324389105-dev-gta4l,
because this /e/OS v1.21-t version includes the Android security patches available until February 2024 (2024-02-05)

Yeah, I have the T505XXS7CXB1 installed, but still no joy with e-1.21-t-20240324389105-dev-gta4l :frowning_face:

I am sorry to not have any idea to propose to fix that is a false error, only thing i see is open an “issue” on the Gitlab /e/ developpement plateform. (

One possible even improbable workaround : have you tried using the SDcard method instead of the adb sideload method ?

The OTA update went smoothly. The e-Recovery was also updated from version 1.20-t to 1.21-t as requested.

No official /e/OS-S (A12) build exists. e-1.20-t-20240222 was the first release after which the SM-T505 was first officially supported by the Lineage Android Distribution in 2024.

@tross did you find a solution/workaround to your issue?

We organize a flash-party next week, and one attendee will come with this same device.
His tablet is currently running Android 11. The doc clearly says it should be upgraded first to Android 12.
However, we’re a bit scared we could face the issue you mention

Any advice to prepare the flash?

Couldn’t find a way forward - my only option would have been to continue trying to install the e-image, which clearly wasn’t working.

I tried LineageOS since none of the other mod-roms had images for this device. LineageOS installed immediately with no fuss whatsoever and has been very stable so far.

LineageOS seems a lot more privacy aware than it used to be, but I tightened up a few of the settings (like changing the captive-portal check URL and DNS server, not installing gapps and avoiding AGPS).

Good luck with the flash party. If you do manage to get /e/ on the T505 then please report back, but don’t worry about bricking the device - I ran into problems with the Samsung software trying to stop me from flashing the firmware, but the usual work arounds (resetting date etc) worked.