[Guide] /e/OS Upgrade Android 12 (S) to 13 (T) 'enchilada'


This is the work of @ronbillock who published this via Telegram. Ron, please feel free to edit.

This is the process I followed to upgrade my Oneplus 6 from Android ver 12 (s) to Android ver 13 (t). Why did I do that? I noticed that I was no longer getting system updates in my updater. It is now Mar 2 2024 and my last update was in November 2023. I was stuck at e-1.17 and there was already a e-1.20 available. I suppose I could have just stayed on e-1.17 but I wanted to get future updates.

This is the overall initial install doc of /e/ onto a Oneplus 6 (enchilada) that I used as a reference https://doc.e.foundation/devices/enchilada/install

Upgrade e-1.17 s (android 12) to e-1.20 t (android 13)

The instructions in this guide will assist you to upgrade /e/OS on your enchilada. Please read through the instructions at least once before actually following them, so as to avoid any problems later.
I read and re-read all instructions multiple times and had lots of help on the /e/ foundation forum from a patient /e/ user named ‘aibd’. Our discussion is at [How-to] OnePlus 6 - Direct upgrade (dirty flash) of /e/ OS from Android 10 "Q" to Android 13 "T" as long as it is available.


  • If required take a backup of all important data from your phone on an external storage device before proceeding. At completion of the upgrade I did not lose any data or settings.
  • Do not take a backup on the same device.
  • Ensure your phone is charged more than 50%
  • Check that adb is enabled on your PC. If not you can find the setup instructions here. I was not familiar with ADB and this link helped me a lot. https://doc.e.foundation/pages/install-adb
  • Download all the e-1.20-t…zip file before starting the installation at https://images.ecloud.global/dev/enchilada/
  • Make sure you have a working data cable to connect your device to the PC. There are cables which are only for charging and do not transfer data.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device. Settings, System, Developer options, and turn on USB debugging and click OK when challenged.
  • Make sure your Vendor security patch level, indicated in the OnePlus is Nov 1 2021. (Settings > About phone > Android version.) If this is not the case I suggest running any updates currently available to you and rechecking. My understanding that if you are not on the latest security patch this may not work and something more may be needed. Sorry I can’t help past this information.

My experience

I made an ‘e Upgrade’ folder in my download folder of my PC. For adb, I downloaded the Download SDK Platform-Tool for Linux. I saved this zip file to my Downloads ‘e upgrade’ folder, clicked and extracted it in the same folder.

Next I Downloaded the upgrade file for enchilada

  • /e/OS build : T dev from https://images.ecloud.global/dev/enchilada/ For me the latest was the first file e-1.20-t….zip.
  • It recommends doing check MD5sum or SHA256sum after download. I didn’t know what or how to do this so I skipped it. The zip file took a little time to download. I downloaded it to the same ‘e upgrade’ folder.

Now ready to upgrade

  1. With the device powered off
    ◦ hold Volume Down + Power to go into Recovery Mode
    ◦ Use the volume down to go to Apply Update and push power button
    ◦ Next select Apply from ADB and push power.

  2. This puts the phone into Sideload position.

  3. Connect the phone to the computer with USB cable and set phone down.

  4. On the computer go to the ‘e upgrade’ folder and right click on the folder name and select Open in Terminal. Bottom line, on the terminal, you want to be in the directory where your ADB and the e-1.20-t…zip file is located.

  5. In the terminal type ./adb devices

  6. It should recognize your phone as a device usually showing a multi-character code. If no code then it is not recognizing your device and you should go to the ADB link and read how to do this.

Install /e/OS

If not already done, On the phone in /e/OS recovery main screen:

  1. Select Apply Update and in next screen Apply update from adb
  2. The device is now in sideload mode

Note at this point the Cancel option is highlighted that does not mean you have canceled the action. The device is in adb sideload mode.

  1. On your PC type the below command in your console (this is after you verify the ./adb devices command successfully recognized the phone.
./adb sideload downloaded_file_name.zip
  • Replace downloaded_file_name.zip with the name of the /e/OS file you downloaded in the previous section. Mine was e-1.20-t……zip. As long as the zip file is in the same directory it should find it.
  1. Press enter key on the keyboard to start the sideloading The screen will show the progress percentage…This might pause at 47%
  2. Give it some time
  3. The PC console will now display Total xfer: 1.00x
  4. The phone screen will now display some text with a message similar to
    Script succeeded result was [1.000000]

This means that the install was successful.

**Reboot the device by:

Hit the back arrow in the upper left of the phone sideload screen.
In /e/OS recovery main screen:

  1. Select Reboot system now
    The reboot process may take 5 - 10 minutes

Success: Congratulations !! Your phone should now be booting into /e/OS !!


Many thanks for your assistance and posting this information.