Upgrade from android 12 to android 13

I’m using e/OS (e-1.17-s-20231110351092-dev-a52q) on my Samsung A52 and I would like to upgrade to e-2.0-t-20240507399779-dev-a52q. I tried via recovery with the package on the SDCard or via sideload with the package on my laptop and in both case I have an error because I should already have andoid 13 firmware to install e-2.0-t-20240507399779-dev-a52q.
I saw a message in the forum here [Guide] /e/OS Upgrade Android 12 (S) to 13 (T) 'enchilada' saying that he managed to upgrade through recovery but it’s working for me.
Does anyone knows how it is possible tu upgrade without installing a Samsung android 13 stock rom in order to have android 13 firmware ?

Thanks in advance for your reply

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I doubt that you can upgrade a52q from s to t without Android 13 stock ROM.

The updater script in the e-2.0-t-20240507399779-dev-a52q.zip ROM does indeed contain this

abort("ERROR: This package requires Android 13 based firmware. Please upgrade firmware and retry!"););

This is quite different from the enchilada download in the link you quoted (which was well informed for that device by this thread).

Thank you for your quick reply.
So it means that I need to install stock android 13 stock ROM, redo the process to install e/OS and reinstall all my apps and reconfigure my phone from scratch ? Wow… very painfull !

i remember Manoj said that “new” android 13 based customOSes (lineage and its fork /e/) are expected to include firmware parts that needed to be updated/upgraded

Indeed, but I downloaded this ROM to find as I reported. So I guess we have to say that it was never said that all /e/OS Android 13 (T) builds will contain necessary vendor firmware for upgrade without reverting to stock ROM.

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