Help reinstalling Android for sale

Hi I am trying to reinstall android on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge because I’m looking to sell it, was hoping someone could help me out.

I managed to get e working using TWRP and Odin but that was a while a go, I’ve tried following whatever guides I can find but I haven’t had much luck.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

With Wind°ws and Odin3 and the latest stockROm firmware Android Oreo 8.0.0 including March 2020 Security Update this is done in a few minutes. The “hero2lte” is after the operating system change as in the original state.

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download the latest firmware for your phone here. Select the precise model and your country. Click on the latest version, and on “Free download” or something like that. You just need a dump account. It will take 1h or 1h30 to download.

Then open Odin, plug your phone in download mode (power + home + volume down). Click on “AP” and select the downloaded file (maybe it needs to be unziped). Click on start once it’s ready.

The phone will reboot on the stock ROM (if you leave “auto-reboot” checked).

Samsung Firmware downlaod in a few minutes:

SamFirm Tool → SamFirm 0.5.0 incl. “how to use” and more.

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I followed the instructions but I can’t get passed Odin.

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Odin doesn’t give me any more information. Any idea’s?

SamFirm Tool → SamFirm 0.5.0 incl. “how to use” and more.

An Odin3 Log file and/or a screenshot of Odin3 as shown would be very helpful to assess the situation.

In download mode, You can only start flash processus one time with Odin,
then you have to reboot the device in download mode to start another flash processus

Hello Kaspr,

Did you finally succeed in reinstalling your Galaxy S7? I have the same thing to do on my own S7 and I would be grateful if you could share how you did it for yours.

Kind regards,