Hi from Japan. Lots of help needed

Fortunately you don’t need to be a developer to use /e/, leave that to others :smirk_cat:

Most of alternative Android ROM (all ?), including /e/, are based on Google AOSP project : they released Android source code to community to spread it. More readings here : https://www.androidexplained.com/aosp-android-open-source-project/
In short, /e/ devs “just” removed all the calls to Google servers, and some intrusive packages.

But AOSP lakes some features, and sometime we have to deal with Google …

As the Google Japanese AOSP keyboard is advertised as being able to operate without network, we can guess it doesn’t need Google server to work :wink:
AFAIK it has no logger and only one tracker : firebase, which is commonly used to report bugs, crashs, …

You may want to read about TrackerControl is this forum, they are plenty of posts :slight_smile:

Android vs iOS compares to Ubuntu Linux vs macOS : it works flawlessly out-of-the-box, but you can also dig under the hood and tune what you want, which is forbidden by Apple :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Thank you, I decided to use it. Shame I couldn’t choose one without any trackers but as we’d say in Japan “shoganai” (can’t be helped). Thank you so much for all your help so far!! I do have another problem…I’m trying to set up my calendar to be able to share with my husband, (he uses google calendar) and I read it could be done. I signed up for an /e/ account so I could use the calendar but for whatever reason it keeps telling me I can’t log in and I need to check the credentials (except I use a password manager so I know they are correct). Seems like /e/ is going a bit weird…

If you don’t want any communication between this keayboard and Google, you can simply go into Settings > Apps & notifications > See all > Google Japanese > Data > and remove all permissions to access the internet.


That one doesn’t even have a toggle for internet. Only storage. I gave it no permission anyway when I was setting it up.

Here ?

Aaah in data usage! Thanks was looking in permissions :slight_smile:

If I’m not misunderstanding, you have trouble accessing your /e/ account’s calendar from the app on your /e/ phone ?
That’s weird, indeed :frowning:

Normally you don’t have to setup Calendar, Notes, Tasks, … All is done automatically when adding your /e/ account.

Did you try to reboot your phone ?

It says this. I signed up for an e account though but it isn’t recognising it…!

Did you add the account to your /e/ phone ?
You can check in Accounts :

If not, please use “Add account” at bottom.
This one :

And, to be sure, reboot after adding the account.

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That’s exactly the problem. When I go to add the account it tells me my account isn’t recognised…or the password is wrong…yet I can log into the ecloud online with the password manager so it can’t be that…

It says “login failed. Please check your email and password”

I can login online to my account though, even though I also have this message under the login box online.

For your information you have to enter your full /e/mail address in lowercase (username@e.email for instance).

Are you sure your username (aka email) and password fulfill the requirements ?

Thank you!! That helped. Didn’t realise I couldn’t use capitals Or digits or symbols in my password. Managed to add my account now!! Thank you so much! Just to figure out how to sync our calendars now…

get the Swiftkey keyboard. I am not a big fan because it is Microsoft, but it is just miles better than all the others in terms of typing recognition and prediction. Also big advantage for me (and possibly for you): it supports typing in 2 or more languages at the same time, so without having to switch. Really great if you type much in multiple languages


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

If you want to show your /e/ events in Google Calendar, you may try this :

First, create a subscription link from a share of your calendar, using ecloud.global web site :

Then, in Google Calendar (also web site), add this calendar from copied URL (“+” at right of “Other calendars”) :

Please let me know if it works !


Thank you! Will I be able to see my husband’s events if he adds to that calendar?

Oh sorry, I forgot to mention : it’s a one-way read-only “/e/ to Google” link.
Maybe some experienced users will show a two-way ? :pray:

But you can also include your husband’s Google Calendar to /e/, please allow me some time for testing :wink:

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Yeah we kind of need to be able to see each others. Well its more me seeing his actually as he goes on business trips and has meetings so need to see dates/times. Would it be easier just to use a different cross platform app?

I’m not aware of a two-way calendar synchronization app, but I’m not a Calendar guru :smirk_cat:
Maybe other will provide you with a app solution, meanwhile we can figure how to get your husband’s appointments :slight_smile:

For web site only (will come back later for phone), read-only one-way :

On Google web site, click three-dots button next to the calendar name, then “sharing” :

Scroll down to “Integrate”, and copy the secret URL (be sure to select the whole URL, with horizontal scroll) :

On /e/ web site, click the + next to “New calendar”, then paste URL :

You may have to wait a couple of minutes, then events appears :

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For your /e/ phone, we will need an additional app … Anyway this will not give two-way write capabilities :wink:

Go to the Account Manager, then to the settings for your /e/ account :

Then click on your account, then Webcal :

Swipe down as requested, the Google calendar should appear :

Note : the calendar list is being fetched from /e/ cloud, but you can also add some manually :wink:

If you tick the case a left, you will be asked to install ICSX5 :

Please don’t click the link (it won’t work), instead please point your browser to F-Droid and download it :

As the browser is not allowed to install packages, launch Files app and go to Downloads or search for the downloaded package :

Then install it, launch it, wait for repositories to sync, search for ICSx, install it :
No need to launch it at this time.

Go back to Account Manager, tick the case again, allow access to ICSx5 :

Click on the arrow at upper right :

Change the color and the display name as you wish, validate at upper right :

Back to the Account Manager, you should see a “Subscribed successfully” for 1-2 seconds, then refresh using the button et bottom right :

If you open the ICSx5 app, you can choose sync frequency :

You /e/ phone Calendar should now display your husband’s Google Calendar events :