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Hi all,

Is there a way to add a new home screen ?
I find it difficult to organize apps on just one home screen. Also there are lots of apps I don’t even want them to appear anywhere !

I wish we could find all the apps in an other place than the home screen (like on Android …).

Have a good day!

ps : sorry if this is already planned as a future improvement

The BlissLauncher is like iOS. No applications draw. You will be able to delete system apps you don’t want with the V1. For now, the only solution is a “useless” folder.


The Problem us that Gael is/was an iPhone user and loves the Apple design. Thats why e does have this sh… Bliss launcher with missing ‘android features’ like app drawer.
I think the best way is installing a better launcher like ‘total-launcher’. It has the best customize features I know. And it has no trackers.

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Nova launcher is good alternative also

Right, but total launcher is a little bit more ‘open’ and you can get the source code from developer.
And he don’t collect data.
No one knows if and which data Nova is collecting


Since as mentioned above can install a different launcher then yeah nice and easy. As someone coming from iOS, bliss launcher is sooooo nice haha. I very much dislike the typical android design so its all personal preference. I think maybe in the future for the heavy users like those from linage etc there could be a selection screen for launchers on install.

Going through all the responses I think the demand is for Bliss Launcher with both Android & iOS UI looks - depending on which OS we came from !!! Maybe a customized UI which is unique to /e/ could be the end result.


@Manoj Or, just have a toggle setting to switch between the two -!

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Long time CyanogenMod/LineageOS user here (since original Galaxy S phone.) I stopped using my Galaxy S5 with LineageOS/MicroG as soon as the first /e/ beta became available. This meant downgrading to a Galaxy S3 with a Nougat based OS instead of the S5 with an Oreo (now Pie!) based OS as a daily driver. I am doing this because there are very few things I can do directly in order to try and rescue my childhood dream of a connected world which has not been poisoned by Google, Facebook, et al. I understand that for /e/ to be successful we need to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. This means attracting both Android and iOS users, and non-technical users in particular. What all of this is leading to is that I hate the BlissLauncher paradigm and if I hate it then it’s very likely that other long time Android users will too. (I stick with it because…well, that’s what beta testing is for right?) As long time Android users we are aware of the fact that we can switch to other launchers quite easily. But few FLOSS, privacy respecting options exist. Those that do are imposing another paradigm which does not match the minimalist approach of Trebuchet. Sorry for rambling but I think what I’m saying is what some folks already said i.e. we need some way of providing looks familiar to both camps.


Yes, attracting non-techie users is very important.


Seems like most complaints are just about the lack of app drawer only, but not the Bliss entirely. Maybe it would be enough to add app drawer as an option?

Personally, I like the current interface “a la iPhone”, because it will allow me to transfer some my apple-involved relatives to /e/ with minimum opposition from their side.


Thanks all for answering !

I understand now the design of the launcher … But it’s true that for an android user I don’t believe it’s the best option. That’s why I am now using total launcher. Thanks for the tip.

I agree, a blisslauncher with an app drawer would perfectly do the job :slight_smile:

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For me it’s not just the lack of app drawer. I want to get rid of the screen with the search bar, weather, app suggestions, etc.

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hello, you can change your launcher app and you will get rid of all you mentionned

Well, it took my quite a while to get accquainted to Bliss, but now I actually love it - and its simplicity. I do no think that mixing a bit the Android & iOS UI looks can really be a solution. They are based on two very different design concepts - either keeping all apps on the home screens or allowning to hide them in a drawer.
I’d prefer to have - above all - a coherent and simple launcher. That’s what Bliss is to me. I do not mean that there’s no room for further improvement, I just don’t think it makes seens to please each and everyone. For all who really don’t like it Bliss, LOS’ Trebuchet launcher could be just a click away b.t.w., (would be great to include it into the App store).


The problem is finding something FLOSS and privacy respecting which doesn’t force another bizarre paradigm on me. I like Trebuchet but it’s only available on LOS as far as I know.

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I think you could download an LOS image and search for it inside (or maybe I’m wrong)

I have no idea how to do that or even if it’s possible.

Well, here you could find a downloadable version of Trebuchet that works as well with /e/: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-lineageos-15-trebuchet-laucher-rom-t3667436


Cool. Thank you very much. :grinning: