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I use that XDA Trebuchet launcher on a few ROMs. It’s nice but based on Launcher3 like so many others (Pixel, Lawnchair, Lean Launcher, et all) so it’s not really like the old Trebuchet.
I use KISS launcher on my /e/ ROMs which fits me better. Not a fan of swiping around anymore. :grin:

Hi! wondering why no one here recommends OpenLauncher (from F-Droid). Just tried some launchers from F-Droid and OpenLauncher is just as good as Trebuchet, as far as I can tell after 30min of playing around with it.
it seems to be a really good alternative to Bliss and even Trebuchet.

A few days back I also checked everything in F-Droid and tested several of the most advanced and promising launchers there, including OpenLauncher. Now I don’t think it really can match Lawnchair.

oh. wow. well, also nice, yes. Next time I’ll try this one probably. but my wife is happy with that one for now and I hope to get some more important things done these days.

Perhaps a toggle option to turn the app drawer on or off is a good solution!

Precisely! This would be a good solution.

Perhaps this could be made optional as well, through a toggle

The last time I checked with the developer that was very much on his list of updates to the BlissLauncher. A solution that will satisfy both the iOS and Android camp followers :slight_smile:

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As a possible alternative — add a long requested icon hiding function.


why not just ask at first boot:

For your own comfort: Was your last phone an iPhone?
(if, then bliss, else Lawnchair)

Or more obvious:
Please choose your preferred Design. Of course it’s possible to change the Launcher later as well.
Choice: Bliss, iPhone-like(Screenshot) or Android (Screenshot)?
the chosen one will be made the standard app, the other one will stay in the background. in settings you can find a toggle switch and that’s it.

I personally, I prefer round symbols and the launcher looks just… cheap? 2D? compared to other launchers at least…

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yeah, I remember now. The website of lawnchair looks “up to date”. but on F-droid it is told to be discontinued, therefore I didn’t even try it last week. openLauncher ist still continued, therefore I’d recommend to use that one as a stock app instead of Lawnchair.

Due to some inconveniences from F-Droids side, the Lawnchair’s team has stopped maintaining this version just recently. Now we need to install Lawnchair from Play Store.