Homescreen Problems

I have problems with the homescreen:

How to set up the first screen. I really do not know what this screen is for.

  • How to delete the weather widget and where to get other widgets from?
  • Is it only possible to install widgets on this first screen?

Thank you for any help!

At the moment you can’t delete the weather widget. You can add widgets to that page using the “Add widget” button

I believe so

This Launcher / Homescreen app is called Bliss, and it exists because /e/ (or its founder) don’t like “traditional” Android Launchers, prefer the iOS user experience, so decided to create their own launcher for /e/ OS. It’s new, not really finished, and /e/ users seem to either like it or hate it :slight_smile:

One of the great things about Android-based OSs like /e/, is that they offer users loads of choice, so if you don’t like your OS’s default Homescreen / Launcher, you can install a different one. If - like me - you prefer a more traditional Android-like launcher, rather than an unfinished buggy imitation of iOS, then there are several that can be installed from F-Droid, Aurora Store (or /e/'s Apps store if you want to use that). Popular “traditional” choices seem to be

  • OpenLauncher
  • Omega
  • Lawnchair

There are also other launchers with different, non-traditional approaches: search for ‘launcher’ in your app store of choice, and a few of them out, and pick the one that works best for you. Have fun!

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Thank you for the explanations, now I understand more!