How are updates preformed in /e/ self host

I am not sure if my question is the same as Recommended Update Policy from @Epsilon

Once you have a self-hosted /e/ hosting server running, how do you do updates? Is it automatic? Do you have to go in and update manually? I know when I look, it says that the Nextcloud version is no longer supported, and it lists many of the /e/ apps as not being compatible with the new version…


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It is a specific process, usually handled by an upgrade guide.

So you’ll have to wait for /e/ team to publish a new release (or ask for it with a Gitlab issue).
Meanwhile, please refrain updating your selfhosted by your own, you may break the official upgrade process.

Good news for you, a new release is on it’s way :smiley_cat: :
You’ll have to wait until it’s been tested, committed, approved …

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