How best to fallback /e/OS after a system update


I need to know how best to fallback to an older version of /e/OS/. E.g.

Let us assume I have a severe problem with the most current version 1.21 and I would like to return to the previous stable 1.20. All that is offered is to ‘Export Update’ or to ‘Delete’. How can the previous version be installed again?
(A friend of mine with an ePhone and not experienced with technical issues recently updated the /e/OS, but the SIM card no longer can be unlocked. So we would like to fallback asap if possible).

Thank you in advance

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Export could be a good option to move it
to a physical SDcard or
to an accessible part of the internal storage
Then you are supposed to be abble to install it from the recovery-e

Alternatively to exporting the install file on the phone, here’s the download page …, command line install instructions are here …

Keep in mind that with installing an OS build with an older security patch level Android rollback protection is supposed to force a factory reset to boot successfully, wiping user data.

Thank you all for your hints! Can be closed.

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