How best to upgrade the /e/ OS

I have a Galaxy S9 running /e/ OS 0.13
Now that /e/ OS 0.15 is available, how do I download and install the update.
If documentation is available, please send me the link or should I use the Easy Installer…?

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The S9 starlte has not got the v0.16 as yet. Which OS ver are you on. The stable builds are still on Oreo while the dev builds are on Q. We hope to be able to test the OTA upgrade from Oreo to Q in a months time. You would be able to get the updates on these developments here

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As mentioned in my post, I am on /e/ OS 0.13-2020121490327

As you may be aware you can check the OS version by going to
Settings >> System >> About Phone
The Android version would be visible there. For e.g on my phone it says Oreo

As you can see in this screenshot the v0.16 build is undergoing testing for the S9 starlte …this is again on 8.1.0 which is Oreo

As mentioned above we are working on getting the system to upgrade across OS …but that will take a month.


Here is the snap from phone.

Would like to know on how to do the upgrade to the 0.15

Hi @jkalayathil,
You are on the stable oreo build as the text in the screenshot says …0.13-o-xxxx- stable-starlte
The stable builds are released on the ePhones we sell or get installed if you use the EasyInstaller.
We are working on getting the stable builds upgrade directly to Q…ie. from Oreo to Q .
As mentioned above I will be updating on the progress of this development here.
Soon we will be adding links to help users manually download stable builds.

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Thanks for the reply.