How can I share a calendar with other ecloud users?

Hi all,
I try to share one of my calendars with another ecloud user.
I guess this should work but I cannot figure out how.
Any advise?

This isn’t working.
You have to use the 'öffentlich" link

@harvey186 thank you for the info. Will this be possible in the future? I guess that would be usefull for ecloud users … at least for me :wink:

I don’t know, sorry :frowning:
I think t would be a good idea, when you create an issue about this issue.

@harvey186 thanks again!
I’ve created this issue:


Hi @Manoj: Is there a duplicate of this issue as this one disappeared too?

Hi @weichselbaumj it is still open . I can access and view it.

Ok, I get error 404, page not found. It seems it has been moved to non public gitlab project.
Thanks for your answer

The reason behind this is that we have allowed users access to only one project to raise bugs.
This was done to avoid confusion as every time users had to decide under which project the issue was to be raised. Now all bugs are raised in one place and we add labels to it. The developers pick up the issues based on the labels.
The problem you are facing is issues raised before this change are now not accessible even for those who raised it !
Let me check how we can fix it so you still have access to issues you raised.

The issue has been moved here . Now it should be visible to all users