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Hello /e/OS users,

by now my whole family is using Murena Cloud or /e/OS on the smartphone. Now I want to create a shared calendar for the whole family:

The topic has already been covered under “How can I share a calendar with other ecloud users?” - unfortunately without a solution.

In this Murena-Nextcloud, how can I make sure that all family members have read and write permissions in a calendar? The calendar should not only be able to be seen by other Murena users, but also edited. Is there a solution for this?


Or is there an alternative suggestion for another external calendar that can be shared and usefully included under /e/OS?

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users with accounts on the same nextcloud instance should be able to have write access if allowed.

Enter the full email and see if there’s a checkbox to the right of the user entry to allow for edit permission.

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Works fine, thanks for the tip! :+1:

This doesn’t work for me, it did work in the past I already have some shared calendars, but now it says no users or groups even if I fill the full

I have the same problem. It isn’t possible to share the calendar. The other Person doesn’t appear in the list to share the calendar: “No useres or groups”. If I want to share a file the other Person appers in the list. But sharing the calendar isn’t possible. I didn’t find any other settings to share.
Is there a bug in the cloud? Does anyone have a solution or a tip?

Same Problem Here, File works, calender doesn’t.

if anyone is a paying customer I think it’s valid to write to support. They could’ve noticed some unwanted disclosure when allowing the option.

someone (in this thread?) filed it as issue:

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