How can I use the /e/ Apps Store on a non /e/ device?

Hello everyone,

How can I use the /e/ Apps Store on a non /e/ device?
If yes, how do I install it?

I have looked at the source code on GitHub

Downloaded the build and got eventually through the folder structure an “app-release-unsigned.apk” file.

Should I use this?

Is there another App Store where I can directly download and install the /e/ App Store?
I have looked at the F-Droid app store without success.

Thank you in advance
Best regards


PS : by the way, thank you all for your efforts in making the /e/ ecosystem better.

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Hi @Jeff
i think it is available on F-Droid

Ok, you can, but it’s sort of not worth it… I would just use aurora if i were you

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Better use F-droid and Aurora. Than you will have access to more and always actual apps. The apps in eApps are from None really knows who is behind and nobody knows who is uploading the apks. That’s why the apps are often ‘old’.

For using the eApps Store it must be a system app. That’s why you can install the apk

Ok, nobody knows who is manage cleanapk,
but i really think they are anonymous friends of us.

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the hope dies last :wink:

I don’t use it until aurora is working

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