How do I arrange app shortcuts freely?

On my old Android 8.0 phone, I could freely arrange my app shortcuts (which open app when tapped). For example, I would place important shortcuts at prominent places, with enough room around so I wouldn’t mis-tap and start something else by mistake. Also, this allowed me to frame a background picture with shortcuts and widgets nicely.

So far, I didn’t find a way to do that with /e/
All app shortcuts seem to be automatically arranged in a compact, hard-to decipher block

EDIT: Also, how do I remove icons of system apps I don’t want/need/use?

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The Android answer to this is: You install a different launcher.
/e/ uses a launcher called Bliss, which gives you the feature set you experience. If you need something different, you need a different launcher.

There’s tons of launchers out there, you’ll certainly find one which offers what you want to do.
Popular choices which are mentioned often are Lawnchair or Nova Launcher, but you will find many more suggestions if you search this forum or the Fairphone forum.

If you need a guide and some inspiration …

Oh my. More choices…

Thanks for the link. Any suggestion of an open-source customizable widget-supporting launcher? Most of the open source ones either seem to be years out of active development, or focused on a simplistic approach. I’d give posidon a try, though…

I’m using Lawnchair from F-Droid currently.
It’s not being maintained on F-Droid anymore, so it’s an older version, but it still works totally fine for me. I’ll have to look for an alternative myself somewhen.

I am using an old version of Lawnchair (, and everything was perfectly fine until I tried to add a shortcut to an app in order to quickly access to it from the desktop, and I realised that I could not …
Perhaps I am missing something … anybody could tell me how to add a shortcut ?

Thank you in advance

  • Swipe up the App list.
  • Tap and hold the App icon you want to place on the home screen.
  • Move the icon upwards and place it where you like on the home screen.

If this doesn’t work, most likely the home screen is locked:

  • Long-tap into an empty space on your home screen.
  • Home settings - Desktop
  • Make sure to disable Lock desktop

Thank you very much.


worked like a charm.
Perhaps I asked a very basic question, since the solution was quite easy (actually, I had expected an item in the menu like “add to home screen” after tapping and holding the app icon, therefore I had stopped there instead of trying to move the icon … I feel a little bit silly now).
Thank you very much for your help

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