How do i can add the default apk source "cleanapk" to f-droid?

Hello all,

I recently purchased the Fairphone 3x. There it works with the package sources from Cleanapk.

Now I still have a Samsung tablet and a Huawei Mate 10 Pro here. Both are unfortunately unsuitable for /e/os.

How can I add the package source of Cleanapk in F-Droid?

Very Thanks and Best Regards

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No one really knows how is behind cleanapk and no one really knows from where the apks are coming. And Cleanapk is for closed sources apps and is adding some FOSS apps from F-droid. So you can’t the cleanapk repository to f-droid.
The way is F-droid ->> cleanapk and not cleanapk --> F-droid
The best way to install apps is F-droid and Aurora from f-droid

Thank you for the information. So i had a look at Aurora. But there is more then one. I guess it’s the first one.

It’s the third one. 

It’s the third one in the list, but it’s the second one with “Aurora” in its name :slight_smile: .
It’s “Aurora Store”, but there’s a description sorting things out anyway.

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Is there another appstore like in e/os that you can use without Google, even without a fake account? Because Aurora does not work here in the office, because Google is completely blocked.

Thanks a lot

I’ve been using ‘aptoid’ for a while. It does not have any rating of privacy within the apps, but has notification of if its safety

aptoide is hosting a lot of cracked apks, full of virus or junk. Never use aptoide !!

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I think I’ll just get a second Fairphone. It makes sense. But what do I do with the tablet now? A fair tablet does not yet exist. :innocent:

You can flash a GSI on most Android 8 or above devices

Yes that is a good idea, but on an Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T590 can be an Challenge…

Yes, Samsung is not so easy :frowning: