How do I disable photo syncing?

I am using /e/ on a Samsung S7. How do I disable photos from syncing to my account while still syncing contacts? I already set up photo instant upload to a second, self hosted nextcloud account that syncs on wifi, so syncing photos to ecloud is no longer necessary and uses all the available space in ecloud. This in turn triggers “Upload failed Insufficient Storage” alerts which won’t stop unless I delete photos from ecloud, which in turn deletes them from my phone which has plenty of space on the 128gb card. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

in settings> account> your /e/ account > account sync > unselect “picture an videos”.


I saw that not all apps use these sync options in the same way. I switched synchronizing off and my camera did indeed what I said. But Peaklens did still synchronize all the pictures I made with it. And Peaklens doesn’t have any own sync options itself, you can’t stop it. I removed my account from my device completely.

Thank you very much.

there is a HowTo for this, you might ask for a solution to your problem,

if nobody can help you, I suggest you create a report on gitlab for PeakLens photo syncing…

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This HowTo is out of date as user Sylvan already found out half a year ago. Currently you can’t switch off the synchronization of a special type of information like Contacts or Calendar events on this settings page. You can only explicitly do what you don’t want to do! And indeed it already happens before (!) you know what you do. Who needs this? And for what? This entire settings page there is just unusable crap and a good example of not how to do it, it fails several good and reasoned design principles, so much that the user can’t achieve what he wants. And I must really wonder why it is now in this bad state while it was already much better as the screen shots above show.

I had trouble uploading photos and videos for some month , but not anymore.
personnaly i syncronize all, except SMS and task.
I can switch On-Off in account sync settings, but as i have enough space i don’t switch off others.
I have last Pie update for Mi 8.
I’ve seen there are some troubles with eDrive, eCloud and photos syncing


The issue for me is that, it was not obvious to select the /e/ account name to reach individual sync data type selections. The icon next to account name is two half-circular arrows which suggests an update or refresh operation which is not what I needed to do. Rather, immediately beneath is a selection labeled “Account settings” which to me seemed more appropriate for changing a sync setting. My confusion arose when I selected “Account settings” which then presents the account name in a large light blue rectangle, which when selected brings up a single setting - Contacts - under three catagories: Contacts, Calendar and Webcal. Thank you.