How do I switch from Android Q to Android R on my fairphone FP2?


I am running last available Android Q on my fairphone 2 (e-0.21-q-20220122158536-dev-FP2).
Could someone explain how can I switch to Android R?

Thx :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !

Two more questions:

  • I have seen that the Android R on FP is in beta stage.
    What are the consequences of installing beta? Should I wait for a non-beta Android R?

  • If I install Android R, will I keep my applications, photos, documents, …?

If you want to play it safe, you could wait, of course.

Depends. The upgrade guide includes a data wipe in case the data partition (aka “the phone” or “the device”) is encrypted (see step 9 and 10).

Else … The upgrade guide recommends a complete backup. Rightly so, it’s safer, anything can happen.

You could also wait for somebody taking the plunge and report success.

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I’ve the R version running on my FP2 since last summer and it seems as stable as the Q Version I was using before.

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When I was upgrading several devices a while ago, there was a problem that meant backups made with Q were not successfully restored after flashing R. This post describes how to work round this problem:

The same approach - deleting the lineagesettings files should allow a dirty flash (i.e. flash without data wipe) to work. I would still make a backup first though :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

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i can navigate to /data, but can’t find /user_de.

I can found only following folders:

Anybody can helpme?

That looks like the data partition has just been formatted. If that is the the case, then your user data is no longer present. You will need to restore a data backup. When you’ve done that, you can delete the org.lineageos.lineagesettings/databases/ files. Deleting those files may no longer be necessary, dpending on which version you are upgrading to. It shouldn’t do any harm though

@petefoth Thanks. :brown_heart: I will try.