How does Calyx OS compare to /e/

Since MWTB made a video on Calyx OS ( im interested on your opinions, and I would definitely want him to make a video on /e/

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I have a Pixel 4a 5G running CalyxOS. Great ROM. Has verified boot/locked bootloader which is unique in contrast to /e/ other than FairPhones. From my understanding this is typically a concern in a threat model if someone gains physical access to your phone only (please correct if inaccurate). So for many users having an unlocked boot loader is not a huge concern (everyday users).CalyxOS does also have more regular updates because it only runs on a few phones. Edit: To see /e/s perspective on this:

I love /e/ because of what they have done with the core OS👉 THIS “Current state of degoogleisation” listed on /e/'s FAQ page (edit: please read though this FAQ page as it has lots of deFoogle info). CalyxOS does not remove all the calls to Google like /e/ does.

In addition I love what is coming, HUGE!

I like CalyxOS but hate it runs on only Foogle’s hardware…runs on Foogle Pixel phones almost exclusively. Depends on your perspective but I do all I can to not feed the beast that is Foogle and buying their hardware feeds this beast. Granted I did it to test… what a hypocrite I am :upside_down_face:.

Edit: A few more thing to share after watching the CalyxOS video.

-If you search “Firewall” on the /e/ forum there are many options. Very cool CalyxOS has this built in. As in my previous link you will see something similar in /e/'s 2021 roadmap “Privacy Central” but I believe it will be more robust blocking trackers while leaving the VPN slot open. Android does have default firewall capability already built in. A couple links within the /e/ forum where I learned a lot, HERE and HERE.

Edit: Here is where you can use the built-in Android firewall settings similarly CalyxOS’ “Firewall” app:

  • Settings
    • Apps & Notifications
      • See all # apps
        • (You can get here by long pressing
          the app in your launcher or the titlebar of the app
          • Mobile data & Wi-Fi
            • <Disable “X data”>

-Aurora and F-Droid Stores can be used on both eOS and CalyxOS. On /e/ you just have to do a simple install of them.

-CalyxOS has a cool free VPN included but there are many choices for VPNs if you search. I personally like having my OS and VPN provider decoupled to not have all my eggs in one basket (personal preference).

-Signal calls can be used on either OS. Be aware both the caller and recipient must be using Signal, this doesn’t go through the default dialer.

-Both OS’ have a forked default Chromium browser.

-Seedvault is a very cool addition on CalyxOS. /e/ uses its own /e/Cloud service which has similarities.

-On the " OEM" hardware front /e/ works with both FairPhone and Teracube already. This is a big plus and something more people get behind (end of the CalyxOS video).

Hope this helps.


Also here is a link outside of Foogle’s YouFube Infrastructure…:+1::point_down:

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Here is a video on /e/. Personal recommendation… Don’t use Samsung hardware if in the USA. If you need more explanation as to why just post and we can direct (or you can search).


Hi eveyrone,

I just up the topic to have your opinion. Which one is better or best for you : /e/OS or CalyxOS and why ?

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