How does Tracker control block trackers

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To educate myself about privacy, I was looking on the forum for a topic about how does work Tracker Control (TC). As I didn’t find anything related (I might have missed a topic), I was looking for that answer on their webpage but it actually does only explain what it does, but not how it does it.

Via their VPN, I can imagine how it work as all the internet traffic is redirected via their “tunnel” before sending to the outer world. So, something may happen there ; via the VPN. But if this feature is not on, then there is something I’m missing.

Hope to find somebody with that knowledge !


I’m definitely a ‘not-techie’, but I think it works as it lets the phone think it’d be a VPN, so all the traffic gets analysed by TC. TC blocks connection to tracker (or more, whether you restrict more connections), so they cant send any data home.

Hope, this is correct and helps you.



Thanks for your answer and taking the time to respond. Didin’t find anything esle so far. Still investigating.


Hi @Lobster ,

Why not contact TC direct, they seem very amenable to questions from users. On the TC webpage is a statement that they welcome questions and always answer messages. There are also links to other ways of contacting communities that might help with more information.

I assume you have read the long Tracker Control topic here on the forum? There are little nuggets in it that might tell you a bit more about how it works.

Have a look at the TC dev’s topic on XDA and you see that he is very generous with answers to questions there as well.

I’m going to try the app again too! Last time I had the app on a device I couldn’t understand how to use it. This is one of the things I find often with the tech stuff: a lack of simple how-to instructions to get you started.

Good Luck.

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