How I managed to install /e/ on a Samsung A310F with MacOs 10.13.6

I everyone !

Yesterday I spent several hours of stress trying to install /e/ on a samsung A310F with the help of my macbook pro and high sierra.
In this configuration, the problem is that MacOs is not very jailbreak friendly, which leads most of the tutorials to be made under Windows or Linux. Besides, softwares like heimdall don’t run very well on it neither… and forget about jOdin…

So folks, here’s a quick story about running /e/ on the smallest samsung :

  • First, download Heimdall-1.4.1-Unofficial-Signed.dmg. I was pretty suspicious about its 117,5kb, when others are around 7mb… but hey ! it’s just delivered without GUI. Hence we are going to use the good old mighty terminal.
  • So, start the phone on “download mode” (volume down + home + on/off) and confirm to the spooky message (vol up). Plug the device.
  • Open a terminal and type
    heimdall detect
    it should return
    Device detected.
  • Then you can do
    heimdall download-pit --no-reboot --resume --output table_partition.pit
    this command saves the pit file of your A310F on your /home folder under the name you gave it (here “table_partition.pit”). One never know this could be usefull…
  • Now the main thing is to run TWRP. In my case, nothing worked otherwise : shut the device down (vol down + on/off several seconds) and unplug it. Turn it on again (everything should be unchanged), turn it down and turn it on again in “download mode”. Plug the device.
  • You should have downloaded a TWRP .img file, like says the official tutorial. Now, you’ll have to make it executable to work properly
    sudo chmod +x /drag/and/drop/theimgfile/in/the/shell
    then type enter and your password.
  • Now you gained the priviledge of running
    heimdall flash --RECOVERY twrp-x.x.x-x-a3xelte.img --no-reboot
    (twrp-3.5.2_9-0-a3xelte.img in my case)
    Everything should run nicely.
  • Once finished, turn the device down (vol down + on/off several seconds), unplug it and then reboot it in recovery mode (vol up + home + on/off).

Hurray ! TWRP is in the place ! Follow the rest of the tutorial and everything should be all right.

For now, I use /e/ since yesterday and I’m very pleased of it. I hope that this little contribution will help, and that I did not write silly things. If not, a french translation might be coming.


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