How is your reception & call quality?

I just started using the Teracube with /e/. I transferred my data and sim card from my old phone. Everything seemed to work right away, but when I tried a phone call, it was usable but not good quality. I updated the APN according to my service provider’s instructions, and then the call quality improved dramatically. While talking on the phone I noticed an H+ symbol next to the network reception bar. However, since this first time I’ve been having trouble with calls. To begin with, I often don’t hear the phone ringing when I make a call. Then, if I am able to get through, the audio will sometimes cut out intermittently. I DO have the VoLTE setting checked on. I am in the USA and use an MVNO that goes through the T-Mobile network.

How was the transition for you? Smooth or did you have to tweak settings to improve reception and/or call quality?

  • can you give details to current apn settings for the MVNO? as mcc / mnc / apn / type
  • there are a different teracube revisions, which do you have?
  • what /e/ version are you on?

there were reports of VoLTE issues with AT&T + MVNOs, but not with the T-Mobile Network. The device manufacturers forum is another resource to check on.

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I have the 2022 version of the Teracube 2e. I have the latest /e/OS version installed: 1.2-2…

APN: wap.tracfone | MCC: 310 | MNC: 240 | APN type: default,mms,supl

@tcecyk I’ve experienced an improvement in phone call functionality after removing the check mark from the Phone app under the hide-my-IP settings. I’m still not sure why my network goes to H+ during call. It sounds fine through that network but I’ll need to keep monitoring the call quality to see how my reception behaves and if I continue to have durations during calls where I can’t hear the other person.

@tcecyk Update: I’m experiencing issues again and am now focusing on the impact of Advanced Privacy settings on this.

  1. H+ is 3g. If you are on 4g prior to and after the call, somehow VoLTE fails with the provider. Reports with T-Mobile and MVNOs + teracube2e seemed positive in US though - if you can, test with other devices at the same location how the SIM behaves, or how your device behaves with a proven-to-work-with-volte-at-this-location SIM.
  2. for AP hide-my-ip I’ll comment in the linked thread, but in short: don’t use it if you experience issues


  1. when you wrote in the companion thread on H+ a call is going “through and sound good”. What’s the symbol when you have difficulties?
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Thanks @tcecyk! When the call isn’t going smoothly it will not show any symbol next to the reception bar.

@tcecyk I fixed the problem.

I entered a new APN with these settings - Name: ims | APN: IMS | APN type: ims

Then I reset the phone and VoLTE finally began working.

Tech support with the new MVNO I switched to guided me through this.

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So tracphone settings in apns-conf.xml are incomplete then.

The correction would either have to go into lineage upstream file or into

I plan to take the time to upstream lacking apn settings. It’s weird the file is baked in and not part of some separate update mechanism in Android (outside ota)