Teracube VoLTE problem on AT&T in USA

I have a Teracube 2e that has stopped making or receiving calls. SMS and data work fine.
My network is AT&T (USA), via Tracfone as an MVNO.
The problem arose on March 17, 2022, apparently after 3G services were discontinued.
From searches on the AT&T forum it looks like the problem is that AT&T has custom standards for VoLTE that my phone is not using. AT&T lists Teracube 2e as an allowed device.

My guess is that Teracube has incorporated AT&T’s VoLTE protocols but that /e/ has not.

I have tried setting up a new APN as described in the teracube forum here:

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Has anyone found a solution?


I have the same issue. I currently get around it by disabling LTE, and enabling 3G (which actually shows as 4G on the top of the phone. I think the issue is that new phones have to have HD audio capability to work with LTE. I have that option in Developer Options, but it is grayed out. I cannot turn it on.

This is the same reason I had to get rid of my Galaxy S7. I fully expected my Teracube 2e to work.
This obviously is not a long term fix, when 3G gets shut down in my area.

Edit: I tried my IMEI number on Cricketi’s website and the Teracbe 2 e comes up okay. Maybe only with stock Android.

I was able to fix the problem by adding a new access point name:
Name = ims
APN = ims
MCC = 310
MNC = 150
APN type = ims
APN protocol = IPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocol = IPv4/IPv6
APN enable/disable = APN enabled

Thanks for the replies. I had managed the same thing you did with using the 3G, so I’m surviving for now, but as you say, it’s not a long term fix. I wasn’t able to set up that APN. It did not like MNC = 150, so I’ll keep fiddling with it.

How did you choose those settings?

We have a build which should work on the 2e on the AT&T network for VoLTE

Wanted to check if there are users who can help us test this build ?

If you have a 2e and are on the AT&T network in the US do send a mail to testing@e.email

I have the same issue with the Teracube 2e. However my network is T-Mobile (USA), via Tracfone as an MVNO (specifically their subsidiary Straight Talk).

I was literally on the phone today with Straight Talk’s customer service representatives for two hours today unsuccessfully trying to trouble shoot this problem. So it’s quite a relief to find this thread.

For me the problem happens intermittently. I have yet to determine a pattern though. My IMEI also comes up as supported. I also adjusted my APN settings which did not seem to help at first.

It’s currently in a working mood at the moment after the customer service rep told me to turn it off then on again for the 7th time. Glad to have the 3G option as a backup plan now though.

@Manoj I would also definitely be willing to try the new build if you think it would work in my case as well.

HI @Jojo214 you can send a mail with the details to testing@e.email and the team will take it further.
Testing volunteers are always welcome.

Apparently issues with AT&T has become an issue with Teracube in general. See this post…