How to connect /e/ to Exchange365 server?

Hi, had a look through the forum, but didn’t find anything on the following: what would you recommend as best way to connect to an Exchange365 server (need that for work…:-/)? LineageOS has a dedicated “Exchange” option under “Add an account” in the Accounts setting, which I didn’t find in the latest /e/. Any advice is welcome (e.g. is IMAP/SMTP and WebDav the way to go?). Many thanks, PM


One option is to use the Microsoft Outlook app from the /e/ app store. That worked for me for O365 mail.

Of course that means having to a degree Microsoft on your de-goggled mobile.

Not sure if the standard apps can work as well.

Hi, Many thanks for the quick response, that’s indeed one option and one I may have to resort to if there’s no alternative. Though my strong preference would be to go via the standard apps, as is possible e.g. in LineageOS, and stay away also from Microsoft as far as it possible :wink:

Would be great to know if/how the standard apps work and if not, whether there are any plans to change this.

Just saw this comment here. I have not tried, but maybe it works.

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Unfortunately, this is not a solution to the need to use E365, but to using one’s Outlook account for the service/app called Delta Chat IM.

As far as I’m aware one cannot adde Exchange-accounts on /e/ at the moment. Only Google and Webdav. Mail-app accepts at least Outlook-accounts, but there seems to be no way of adding Exchange-calendars/-tasks to /e/ other than the above mentioned Outlook-app from the store.

Developers, I would like to know if adding Exchange-accounts on /e/ (the way it’s done on Android) is already on the roadmap?

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Hi @isa Please can you add this as a enhancement request on Gitlab


simplest solution (enabling also the standard calendar functionality of ETAR) is installing gmail app (sorry) and install your office365 outlook business account in gmail.
this will automatically enable calendar info to etar.
Reason for me not to use the outlook app, is the very bad calendar view.
I do not use a google account with the gmail app.
If you don’t need calendar and task / notes functionality of your outlook account, you can use the standard email app for connecting to the imap settings as mentioned in the chat above. You will then not need the Gmail app.


I managed to access Mail, Contacts & Calendar on an Exchange server (not sure which version) from my /e/-phone by utilizing DavMail as a gateway. However this approach requires an online-server to setup and a bit of skill with server administration.

Thanks for all the feedback and the suggested workarounds. I might tinker a bit with them (I need primarily Calendar, Tasks and Contacts), but in the meantime, it would be great if you can add your voice to (thanks for opening this!). Exchange support should be out of the box for /e/ in my opinion.

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Having active sync is very important to many. I just looked into /e/ the first time and thats the only thing why I can’t use it at the moment. The rest looks very stable and very good!

Has anyone seen any news on this? Not being able to connect to Exchange365 servers to sync emails, calendar, address book and tasks is not good. A corresponding ticket has been filed (, but it could do with some more support;-).

Its possible in Office 365 to share your calendar out as a standards ICS link and use ICSx⁵ to take that link and synchronize it to a calendar in /e/. Its a little round about but it works for me.

Thanks, good to know and I might resort to this. At least I would be able to read my Office 365 calendars, which would already be one step improvement yet without being able to modify them (apparently).

Though I’m really surprised that a native support of integrating Office 365 still hasn’t been included yet. /e/ offers already connecting of a google-account, but I would have assumed that this comes last on their priority list of features, given /e/'s mission statement about data privacy :wink:

I would really, really, really, really like to install /e/ - which I just discovered today - on my privacy-leaking Nexus 5 but cannot until I can sync with my work email/calendar on OWA. I am adding my voice for this enhancement - I WON’T use Gmail on my phone so that workaround won’t work. I hope this can happen and soon!!

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That goes for me too.
Please add support for Exchange accounts to /e/!

With the next dev build mail should be able to connect to live/ outlook / hotmail accounts .Issue has already been resolved.

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