How to enable Ambient Display?

I have Ambient Display fully enabled, but it does not seem to work. When I pick up my FP3 from my desk, notifications are not shown. Same for when I wave my hand over it, or when I take it out of my pocket.

Is this a bug?

I’m on /e/ 0.11-2020082870302

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Same here. Seems to work exactly once after reboot. All sensors are working (using them in phyphox).

No problem with my Fairphone 3. Make sure you have at least one notification before testing :

Hand wave : I’m able to wake up the device when I move my hand at a one or two centimeters maximum over the top of the phone.

Pocket : it works sometimes but not very well at all.

Pick up : idem.

The notifications are always displayed correctly when I pick up my phone from my pocket or on my desk but not thanks to the Pocket or Pick up options, thanks to the Hand wave feature.

Tried again on a lock screen having a Whatsapp notification (see screendump). No response to hand wave, picking up, or moving out of my pocket.

Any tips to debug this a little further? Would really like it to work as designed :smiley:

Is your proximity sensor working ? When you make a phone call, does the scren turn off when the phone is near your ear ?

You coudl also use “Sensors Multitool” (in airplane mode, it’s not open source) and go into the “Proximity” tab. You will see “5 cm”. Put your hand on the top of the phone and it will become “0 cm”.

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Thanks, tried an old-fashioned phone call. The screen went off as the FP3 approached my ear. So the proximity sensor seems okay…

Is this ‘wake up’ function implemented as a separate app running in the background? Could it be that it suffers from battery optimization, and is shut down? Just guessing… thanks in advance for any further suggestions.