[HOW TO] First steps if your build won't boot

What you can do, if your build won’t boot and hangs on “jumping e” or while “Phone starting …” screen:
The problems can come from the prebuild apps. To determine which app is causing the error, proceed as follows:
– reboot in recovery
– in TWRP go to ‘Mount’ and mount ‘system’
– than go to ‘Advanced’ / ‘File Manager’
– in File Manager go to folder ‘system’ and ‘app’
there you will find all prebuild apk,

– delete at first the ‘AccountManager.apk’ inside the AccountManager folder.
– wipe ‘Dalvik / ART cache’ and ‘Cache’
– reboot system

If the boot will still hang, go back to TWRP and delete the next apk in /system/app
So you can delete one app after the other til your device finish boot.
If the device will still not boot after deleting all apps you are knowing that no prebuild app cause the bootloop.
But in most cases your device will boot after deleting AccountManager.

Don’t delete BlissLauncher. Because without an launcher android won’t start.

Good luck