'How to' for normal users needed! (help us/me..)

No. No cloud.
But I can still see them in the contact list. Or those that remain.
Some are protected it seems, can not erase them.
Can’t call any from the contact list.

Actually I never understood how contacts work on /e/OS. When I moved to /e/OS from iPhone I wrote all my contacts down on a paper and manually wrote them in my new phones contact list. Knew no other way and my Samsung S7 with /e/OS refused to work with any computer.
I have no idea how it works internally or where it stores stuff. Like files I download or photos. I have installed a microSD card but not sure how that actually works (how to store stuff where or move it).

Managed to update the other phone, it now runs the latest /e/OS and App Lounge was packaged with it. The contact list looks fine. On my main phone though, contacts are totally messed up.
It seems I just have to manually write all new contacts again. I’ll do it the analog way!

I still think an easy to understand “how to” for newbies and non-techies would be a huge advantage for /e/OS, because I want it to be used by a wider audience and not only a minority of techies (and a few non-tech but highly motivated privacy conscious people like me).
Thank you Piero for your kind help and to all others in this community who earlier have answered my stupid questions.

i hope another user will help you about your permission issue between contact and dialer…

Try the “files” app

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I tried the files app, yes. But it was a bit messy in my older version of the OS, there were like 50 or more different folders, no idea what they were for, most were empty. Downloaded documents usually ended up in one of two folders, or sometimes not to be found. In these folders were also huge amounts of files that I had not downloaded, like an enormous number of “Telegram FOSS” and other unknown things. In the latest version of the OS it seems the files app makes more sense, the unknown files are gone and the structure makes a lot of sense actually.
Now I will just have to figure out where these files are actually located, in the phone or in the microSD. The microSD I sometimes take out to transfer photos to a computer. Maybe there is another way to do that, sync, or what you call it, but I have never managed to make that work so far on the old OS.

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If applounge find updates for apps but cannot apply the update (because they were installed by another store) uninstall and reinstall them

Each time you connect you device to a PC, you have to validate the file sharing using the top bar.

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Using this phone you could make a backup of contacts.

Now you would have the ability to import them to the other using the same method, reversing the step

  • Next click or tap on Import/export

Before the import, you might choose to delete contacts which seem to be failing

From the main Contacts list > long press on a contact > it is now selected with a [✓] > more contacts can be selected if desired > tap Trash can top right.

I do see that you say contacts will not delete, just showing what should work !

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Piero, it is interesting that you show these screenshots and talk about “the top bar”, because I have never been able to use or understand that. When I touch the top bar it flashes open and then disappears as soon as I release my finger. What is it for, how do you actually use or click on the features there?

I have no idea of how to connect it to USB, never managed to do that. No idea how to get to the USB preferences and those menus.
You’re welcome to explain.
This is one of those features that I would like to have in a “beginners how to”. But maybe it is just me who haven’t figured it out… I’m not completely inadept at IT though, I run two webshops and manage a couple of websites.

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aibd, thanks, I tried import/export but it does not work, nothing changes.
I still can not call from Contacts, it will accept only calls thru Telegram.
Somewhat annoying, I have hundreds of contacts. I will have to write them down on paper and re-enter. Some of which I have an ongoing sms conversation with I can save the number from the message app. Then, when rewritten manually, I can call that contact.
Old numbers can not be erased, “only hidden” the app says.
But it’s ok, I’ll make it work.

I am disapointed, you need to swipe from top to the bottom

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The How To that exist now was not that helpful in understanding basic usage of /e/OS.
Is that only me who would like a “crash course in using /e/OS”?
Like, the top mystery menu we talked about above, what is that?
How do you connect it to a computer to transfer files? Can contacts be backed up to a computer?
What is actually App Lounge and how does deGoogling work? (I have a basic understanding of it, but I think it could be explained to new users with little experience). Just some examples.
I wish /e/OS to be a serious alternative to big tech and so easy to use that my grandmother can use it, after a bit of How To reading. Unfortunately I am not qualified to write such a manual or contribute to it, because I have very little understanding of what I am doing… I am, rather, the ideal reader of it.

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Wow, sorry Piero, that was stupid of me… You swipe from top to bottom… :disappointed_relieved: Imagine I have used /e/OS for 3 years or so, and still not figured that out! It wasn’t so easy though, my Samsung S7 is fickle with the touch and you got to do it exactly right. Is these things you are just supposed to know…? I came from iPhone, don’t think it has such a menu…
Well, that only strengthens my argument that we need a How To for absolute know-nothings. Imagine that someone who is a totally newbie to mobiles wants to buy an /e/OS phone, knowing these tricks will make using it so much more efficient.

I used to think smartphones was a necessary evil, I had no interested in them at all and was mostly annoyed, often threw my iPhone at things, I kind of actually hated it and had no interest in becoming a ‘power user’. It was full of dings and scratches, surprised that it survived for so long.
That was until I got an /e/OS Samsung S7, which I really like! It is the first time I’m in a really good relationship with a mobile phone.

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I am afraid yes,
State bar (top bar) is not an /e/ things, all android device have it

It has, but it is located at the bottom of the screen

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Thanks a lot for your time and help piero.
This is my first Android, I didn’t even think about it as Android, but of course it is.
Neither do I have any friends who use Android, actually they are all on Apple, so I had to figure things out myself, which I may have done in a half-hearted way, to your disappointment.
I am sure there are others out there who would go from Apple to /e/OS, if we could nudge them a little in the right direction… People like me, who were dismayed by Android.

By the way, an interesting thing that happened after updating the OS, before the half lower screen was darker than the rest and sometimes flashing. It got back to normal after updating.

There are users with the same preocupation as yours :

Un « /e/ pour les nuls »?
Création d’un Guide « eOS pour les Nuls »

And the officials

Getting Started on /e/OS

Do you use the forum search bar ?


Yes I checked those guides. Not sure if they were that helpful, unfortunately.
Also did search in the forum. The forum is great but it contains and immense amount of information and most of it is really heavy tech jargon that a guy like me (non IT or mobile pro) can’t grasp.

I know some “normal” people that would have problems with finding info there. You have to be highly motivated and interested in mobile tech.

Here is an example. I am trying to find how to connect via USB to a computer to copy files or do whatever is possible (not sure what is possible yet, like copying contacts. Mainly want to copy photos).
I managed to connect the phone via USB and can find it on my computer (Linux Zorin), but the folder is emtpy. I have lots of photos and videos on the phone, but not sure where they are. What folder am I viewing on the computer, it is unknown to me.
So for me the USB connection is not useful. In a case like this I give up and assume that USB connection is not meaningful.

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Have you selected “file transfert” in “usb preferences” ?
by default, it is “charge only”
There is a possibility to change default settings in “developper options” “default usb preferences” but it is not so safe in term of privacy.

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Where do you change USB preferences?

By the way, what is the meaning of the circle to the right of the swipe down top menu? Really stupid question I am sure.


I don’t see, Please share screenshot…

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Here it is. The “recycling” symbol.

If you fully develop the top bar menu by a second swipe from top to bottom, you will see the text under the icons…
Clicking on the little pencil, you will be allowed to arrange those icons (add or remove)…

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