How to get Android 13 for Teracube 2e

Hi all, not sure if there’s a better place to post these questions, please let me know where that is.

I have a Teracube 2e zirconia, I purchased from Murena with eOS already installed. I’ve been installing the updates as they’re released and have been happy with how the phone is working and the updates that have been made.

I was hoping that updating to /e/OS 2.0 would include an update to Android 13, but when I realized I was still on Android 12 I checked the Teracube forums to see if it was a Teracube issue.

Teracube has a release for Android 13 out now, but I’m wondering if I try to install that if I’ll mess something up with /e/OS. I’m a fairly basic Android user…I can follow instructions, but can’t really problem solve issues with it on my own.
I’d like to be updated to Android 13 and I’m wondering if there will be anything done by /e/OS to make it fairly simple for someone like me to install. Otherwise I guess I’m left deciding whether to stick with 12 or try to update it to 13 following the Teracube instructions (which aren’t written with /e/OS in mind).

Any help is appreciated!

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The A13 upgrade for zirconia and emerald are to be planned. Will update when the plans are finalized.


Thanks for the quick response and glad to hear Murena is plans to update zirconia to A13.

Is there a timeframe for when I should expect it, or should I just keep checking the weekly updates until I see something that mentions it?