How to save device files (downloads, documents, etc.) to Murena cloud


To support Murena additionally I have been wanting to use de cloud more to backup also files other tha pictures and videos and maybe even to upload the SeedVault files to have it stored somewhere additionally.

At first, how do I set that up?

The second question would then be how does nextcloud com into this. Is it then seperated form murena cloud? I know I can have my own instances.

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to have choice in folder-selection you’d reach for the official nextcloud-client. It allows adding any nextcloud instance (murenas or any other provider).

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with the Nextcloud (com.nextcloud.client) app from F-Droid I have 3 options, login, login with provider and own server. Which one is the one? I can’t find a server address on my murena cloud :sweat_smile: and with Provider it doesn’t do anything…

own server, then enter “

it used to be in this old guide. Didn’t find a newer thread with current screenshots

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Sounds obvious :see_no_evil:

Guide is a good reference also for other things, thank you.