How to substitute android on my FP3

I’m brand new to the group.
I am a happy owner of Fair Phone 3.
Now that I’ve known this o.s. I would substitute the Android 10 in this phone.
Can someone help me to do this?
I’m not brand new to so and so on, but To change s.o. on my phone…is the firs time I’ll do it.

So, if there is someone that can lead me to degoogle my phone,I will be Grateful to him.

I have a Mac OS X 11 pc

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Hello and welcome !

Before doing anything, make sure that you have backed on your computer or another device any data on your FP3 that you want to preserve (pictures, contacts, chats backup, notes, etc.) Understand that installing /e/ will wipe the data on the device.

  1. First unlock the bootloader of your FP3.

  2. Install abd & Fastboot by going on this page. You do not need to install all of Android Studio. Go to the command line tools only section and download the Mac .zip file.
    command line tools only
    Once downloaded, you should have a folder named tools in the directory in which you downloaded the .zip file. In this folder, double click the application named Android, which will launch the Android SDK Manager. In this manager, click on deselect all, and then only tick Android SDK platform tools.
    Next, click on install 1 package, and in the window that opens, click on the package and then accept the license. Now, there is a new folder called platform-tools in the same directory your tools folder is.
    In order to use those tools, open a terminal window, and type cd followed by a space. Then copy the path to the platform tools folder. You can type it, or simply drag and drop the folder into the terminal window, which will copy the path. Hit enter, and you can now use this terminal window to install /e/. An example in which the platform-tools folder is on the Desktop would be cd /Users/Username/Desktop/platform-tools

  3. Follow the steps on this installation instructions page. Additionally, this detailed how-to could be a useful guide. It uses Linux rather than MacOs, but the steps are essentially the same once Android ADB & Fastboot are installed on your Mac.

Thank you Bryophytae,
for the importance of operation, I will go, carefully…step by step…

As. you tell me (before step one)

Before doing anything, make sure that you have backed on your computer or another device any data on your FP3

but I think all data (video, photo, images…) are all on my gmail server…isn’t it?


I’m arrived at the point to “ENABLE OEM unloacking […]”, more precisely ! Enter the code from this page and press Enable"
witch code do I have to insert?


I cannot know for you where your data is. Check

  • your cloud storage
  • the memory of your FP3

and gather everything you will need to transfer once /e/ is installed. Don’t forget to export your contacts to a .vcf file.

Also, since you want to degoogle, it would make no sense to keep using your “gmail server” as you call it. One day, when you feel ready to do it, get the data you want to keep, and close your Google account.

About OEM unlocking : the code you have to enter will come from the Fairphone website (step 1 - first link from my previous reply). There, you will have to enter your phone IMEI and serial number to get the unlock code. Once this unlock code is entered, you will be able to unlock your bootloader with adb.